We are a spiritual community supporting each other in exploring our personal journeys, regardless of beliefs or spiritual paths.  We welcome you.

We invite you to attend our weekly community-led Sunday Services from 11:00 a.m. to Noon and join us for refreshments after the service.  Everyone is also welcome to drop in for Inspirational Explorations  from 7:15 p.m to 8:30ish on  Wednesdays.     Our address is 111 Superior Street, Victoria,  BC.  Phone number is (250) 999-1064.

If you are interested in renting our beautiful sacred space at the Church of Truth, please 250-999-1064 or email cotrentals@gmail.com.

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Tuning Into the Deep Ocean of Spirit.

Here in Victoria, February holds the first tentative offerings of warmer times to come. Early buds on trees, blooming heather, tulip and daffodil leaves making a determined entry – the harbingers of Spring!

February holds Valentine’s Day, feting the blossoming of love and social relationship. How shall we form healthy relationships?

Feb 2: Compassionate Relationships – Being Open to Listening
Feb 9: Looking within to find your true path
Feb 16: How to have Healthy Relationships; personally, collectively and in the Oneness of everyday life
Feb23: Hindu Mythology and Sacred Chanting

For more information:  http://cotvictoria.ca/churchservices/

Inspirational Explorations Wednesdays


Inspirational Explorations (IE) Wednesdays in 2020 will begin on February 8, and run till the end of May. All sessions are held in the Church and begin at the NEW TIME of 7.30 p.m. Ideas for sessions are always welcome; please contact one of the coordinators mentioned below.

Most of February is governed by the sign of Aquarius, the Water Bearer. In archetypal psychology, water is most often linked to the dimensions of feeling, flow and change. We cannot grow fruit in February, at least in the Northern hemisphere. But we can grow the fruit of connection, or warm relationship. It is not for nothing that the event most celebrated in February is Valentine’s Day. Though Valentine’s Day has become identified with the sphere of romantic love, we might see this day, and this month, in the wider context of fruitful connection, the cultivation not of the soil but of our connection with the spark of spirit in others and ourselves, and in the earth on which we depend for our lives.

–Chris Bullock

February 5: Regenerative Agriculture. Presented by Gary MacDougall.
February 12: The Many Varieties of Love: Poetry and Song Circle
February 19: February 19 – Exploring Lyme Disease
February 26: Hindu Mythology and Sacred Chanting

For more information:  http://cotvictoria.ca/iewednesdays/



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