We are a spiritual community supporting each other in exploring our personal journeys, regardless of beliefs or spiritual paths.  We welcome you.

We invite you to attend our weekly community-led Sunday Services from 11:00 a.m. to Noon and join us for refreshments after the service.  Everyone is also welcome to drop in for Inspirational Explorations  from 7:15 p.m to 8:30ish on  Wednesdays.     Our address is 111 Superior Street, Victoria,  BC.  Phone number is (250) 999-1064.

If you are interested in renting our beautiful sacred space at the Church of Truth, please contact Esther Hart at 250-896-5933 or: cotrentals@gmail.com.

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Sunday Service Schedule  – Join us from 11 a.m. to Noon each week  



This month we continue our focus on harvest, but with a different angle. Harvest involves collecting nourishment, both outer and inner, for the winter ahead.  Yet farmers do not  keep everything that is in the field; the process of milling involves separating the wheat from the chaff, separating the nourishing grain from its inedible surrounds.  And we too need to collect what nourishes us in life, and let go of the rest.  This is a particularly important lesson for those approaching the winter of life, where a focus on essentials is more and more necessary for psychic and spiritual health. Astrogically, this month involves balancing spontaneity and breaking out of habit with a concern for building community and social dialogue. Overall, the question for the month is:  what is nourishing for the spirit and what do we need to release?

Submitted by Chris Bullock, on behalf of SDC

October 7: –  Thanksgiving – sharing the Harvest
A pot-luck lunch to follow the service
October 14:  Discovering Essentials through the Shamanic Journey
October 21:   Becoming the True Self by Letting Go of the Old
October 28:  Listening to our soul messages
Community service
For more information:  http://cotvictoria.ca/churchservices/

Oneness Wednesdays has been renamed as Inspirational Explorations

Inspirational Explorations in October

October 3, 10, 17, 24, & 31

7:15 pm to 8:30 pm
Everyone Welcome to Drop-In!   Free or By Donation


Oneness Wednesdays has been renamed to reflect a change in the orientation of these Wednesday evening events. Inspirational Explorations will feature a variety of sessions organized by a variety of facilitators, including some sessions that may continue for a while on a monthly basis. The aim of these sessions will still be to explore and experience dimensions of spirit, community and conscious living, but from as wide a range of perspectives as possible. In pursuit of this goal, members and friends of the Church of Truth are warmly invited to send in proposals for facilitating a session or a series to any of the IEco- coordinators—addresses below. Inspirational Explorations will begin at 7:15 p.m. (unless otherwise stated), and will be by donation, or free if a donation creates hardship.

Inspirational Explorations on Wednesdays in October will include sessions on dance and politics, spiritual readings, poetry and song, community, and a Hallowe’en party.

Oct 3, at 7:30 Dance for Democracy.   Facilitation: Frances Litman.

Oct 10: Spiritual Leanings in Literature.  Facilitation: John Vanden Heuvel

Oct 17: Conversing with the Muse: A Poetry and Music Circle.  Facilitation: Chris Bullock, Hendrik de Pagter, Terence Stone.

Oct 24: Community Circle.  Facilitation: Sanjara Omoniyi.

Oct 31: Hallowe’en party. Facilitation: Jean Gregson, Pat Miller, and the COT women’s group.

For more information:  http://cotvictoria.ca/oneness/ or Linda at 250-380-6383



“FRESH FRUIT FOR FRIENDS” will happen on the first Sunday of each month.  We invite you to bring some fruit to Sunday Service – All types of fruit an/or cash are welcome with gratitude     (Hand-held fruit i.e. bananas are really appreciated)  which will be given to “Our Place Society” for the homeless on Monday morning.




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