2024 Sunday Services

March 24, 2024

Guest Speaker Sherry Morgan.

Our Reciprocal Relation With Spirit

What do light switches and car ignitions have to do with our wholeness as spiritual beings?

What has modernity cost us in regard to our sacred relationships with life?

Sherry Morgan will weave the threads that help us discover how to reconnect with the essence of life and rekindle our spiritual well-being.


February 17, 2024

 “Coming Home” Living in the unified field

This Sunday service offering focuses on the non duality field of consciousness that is our true home.

I will present a description of this from a number of different perspectives so that it can be readily appreciated regardless of one’s background. Furthermore I will speak of challenges to abiding in this state and gentle ways we may course correct as needed.

A deep unified peace is waiting for us.
Success is measured in joy!

Dr. Braven Rayne