Church of Truth Member Event Submission Guidelines

If an active church Member wishes to present an event and can show that a substantial number of the community are interested, they are welcome to make a written proposal to the Board requesting to use the church.

Rental fees are paid by donations collected during the event. Members are requested to submit the proposal in writing. When the project is approved, the member will contact the rental coordinator and sign a contract as a renter and may submit a posting for the Events page on the church website.

If there is information that you think is of interest to the COT community, but is not a church event or taking place at the church, this may be the place to get the word out as there will also be a link to the Community Events Page in the weekly COT Weekly Lighthouse newsletter which is sent out on Mondays to church members.

For submission of events of interest to the Church of Truth Community, please follow these guidelines:

Your Title in bold

Date of the event

Max 100 word description of the event

Additional information such as links, contact person email and/or phone number

Your name

Email to: