Sunday Services in March


March, the month when Spring officially arrives. The month of varied winds. Traditionally, the month of change, and promise. Associated with the astrological sign of Pisces, it can be seen as the month where many waters begin to flow, many paths begin to open up. These may be the path of dreams, the path of following the promptings of one’s art, the path of opening up to the wisdom of young people, or of one’s environmental conscience, or consciousness of connection.  March beckons to us. How shall we respond?

March 3rd. Deep Listening With Compassion
Moderator: April Hambly
Greeter: Tba
Meditation: Tba
Speaker: Pearl Gregor
Coordinator: April Hambly

March 10th: Healing Sound
Moderator: Lorna Rennie
Meditation:  Eleanor McKinnon
Speaker: Laura Lane
Greeter: Marie Logan
Coordinator: D.J. Thomas

March 17: Listening to the Younger Generation
Moderator: Herb the Third
Presentation: Dreanna Picard, “Spiritual Bankruptcy, and Its Cure”
Meditation: Sean  (“Wool”) McLaughlin
Greeter: Marvelous Trudeau
Coordinator: Chris Bullock

BIO: Dreanna Picard works as a frontline mental health and addiction worker and has spent the last few years trying to make peace with her own idea of a spiritual connection. She will be sharing about her personal struggles with mental health and addiction as a young person and how at the root of that she believes is a lack of connection.

March 24. Theme. Art Therapy
Moderator: April Hambly
Meditation: Marilyn Smando
Community Service
Greeter: tba
Coordinators: April and Marilyn

March 31. Creativity builds social integration – Community service
May Spirit bring us into a rolling, dynamic exploration with “hands on” experience, and hopefully precipitate insights and refined directions.
Coordinator: Laurence Beal
Moderator: Laurence Beal
Meditation: silent

Sunday Services in February


February is often a dark and dreary month in our part of the world, and once the excitement of Christmas and New Year celebration is over, many of the richer among us flee to warmer climes. But February is also the month where love is celebrated, and under the cover of darkness lies much potential for growth. In this month we can explore that potential, whether it be the breaking from routine into new growth, the role of water in cleansing static emotional and planetary situations, or the deeper realization of our connections to others and to our living world.

PS Dear Mother Earth, we’re sending you our love this month.

Submitted by Chris Bullock, on behalf of SDC.

Feb. 3rd  Learning to care about Humanity
Greeter:             Louisa Fiander
Moderator:       Marvelous Trudeau
Meditation:      Laurence Beal
Speaker:            Sharon Penney-Ford
Coordinator:    Sharon Penney-Ford

Speaker Bio: Originally from Nova Scotia, Sharon is the daughter of a Newfoundland father and Irish mother. After completing a degree at the  University of Victoria in English Literature and Theatre,  Sharon Penney-Ford taught English, Theatre and Creative Writing for 25 years at a small high school in the East Kootenay region of BC.

February 10:  Cleansing Waters: Navigating Grief in a Changing World
Moderator:         Chris Bullock
Meditation:         Sharon Ford
Presentation:      “Planetary Grief”– Jan Inglis
Greeter:                Louisa Fiander
Coordinator:       Chris Bullock

JAN INGLIS has a background in somatic psychotherapy, adult development, public engagement processes including the use of popular theatre and the creative arts. She has worked in the field of climate change education for 30 years both as a grassroots organizer and academic. Her PhD focused on the social economic paradigms of individualism underlying climate change. She has worked with Joanna Macy’s concepts of despair and transformation since the 1980’s, and seeks out ways to bring our best selves forward to face a changing world.

Feb. 17th Identity release and group cultivation
Meditation:         Alva Nolla
Moderator:                 Brian Martin
Speaker:            April Hambly
Coordinator:       April Hambly

Feb 24  Brainstorming on creating and manifesting social benefit
Greeter:             Lorna and ?
Mediation:          Marilyn
Moderator:         Sanjara or Laurence
Coordinators:      Marilyn and Laurence

Social Benefit? Within our community, or in the greater community at large?

Possible Discussion keynotes, things like: creating a support group from within Church with transport, visitation, etc.;  supporting non-profits like using our garage sale as a free sale for a organization that needs clothing and household items;  A bursary for someone who would love to go to school but has no money;   Food for Cridge cupboard; and as your group conceives.
Divide into groups and discuss what social benefit means and brainstorm ideas to share

Sunday Services in January


For many people, the arrival of the New Year is a simple matter; it’s a time to party on New Year’s Eve and then, in the morning, to make a raft of resolutions with the uneasy sense that the raft may sink not too long after launching.  Among those who hold to older traditions, there is the understanding that bringing a really new, New Year requires both hard spiritual work and celebration.

Many indigenous North American nations believed that the lighting of fires and the chanting of many prayers were necessary to bring back the light. Households in parts of the British Isles still follow the tradition of the “First Footer,” the belief that the first person to enter the house in the New Year should be a dark-haired man carrying a lump of coal, a loaf of bread, and a bottle of whisky. This tradition seems to signify the recognition that darkness will continue in the New Year, and that newness will require fire, good food, and celebration.

So let us acknowledge that the coming year will contain darkness, like all other years, and that we can create the new by bringing to 2018 the fire of spirit, the nourishment of community built on principles of equality and respect for nature, and the wonderful gift of celebration.

Submitted by Chris Bullock, on behalf of SDC.

January 6    Healing Through Feeling
Moderator:    Marvelous Trudeau
Meditation:    Sharon Ford
Speaker:       Ryefield Ford (biography below)
Greeter:        Louisa Johanna
Coordinator:  Sharon Ford

January 13  Open Relating:  “To Thine Own Self Be True…”
Moderator:   Lorna Rennie
Meditation:  Bill Israel
Greeter:       TBA
Speaker:      Mary White
Coordinator:  D. Joan Thomas

Moderator: John Vanden Heuvel
Meditation: Siobhan Robinsong
Presentation: “Inspired Joyful Singing”: Siobhan Robinsong
Greeter: Joyanna Wilkinson
Coordinator: Chris Bullock

January 27 Building Compassionate Practice in Community (a Community Service)
Moderator: Laurence Beal
Meditation: Music Coordinator
Community Service: Topical discussions in small groups, building the compassionate practice in community relating, how can we?
Greeter: TBA
Coordinator: Laurence Beal

We already do favour compassionate expressions. But what can we do, what do we do to cultivate the attitude of compassion in our day to day expressions?  In this we can throw the nets far, so that we may all hear and share our own ways with our friends.  Expansion on a theme, this will be an opportunity to share takes or perspectives, alternatives from other people, a building of resource.  We may build compassion into the ways of our local subculture.

[Small groups of three or four.]

 Speaker’s Bio

 Demian Ryefield Ford spent the first phase of his life on Bowen Island with his parents, David and Sharon who practiced meditation, organic gardening while raising goats and sheep. At age four, Ryefield was initiated into Transcendental Meditation, and from that time, he has continued a lifelong spiritual quest. On October 14th, 2005, Rye’s life was drastically interrupted at a crosswalk when a car hit him at Cloverdale and Douglas here in Victoria. After a comatose period, long days, months and years were spent in his struggle to recover from a devastating brain injury. Now, Ryefield works in the field of Social Work where he helps men and women with brain injury cope with their lives on a daily basis. Today, Ryefield shares with us, the transformation that he has experienced in both emotional and spiritual life.    Welcome.  Demian Ryefield Ford.

Mary, a Minister’s daughter, was born in her father’s first mission field, in Emo, a Northern Ontario town.  Her Mother was a war bride from England.  Mary will tell us a little about her parents’ life before telling us about her personal journey to become a United Church minister when she was 40.

Siobhan Robinsong is co-founder of Hollyhock, founder of the Gettin’ Higher Choir and the High Noon Choir. She has been busting the myth of the non-singer since 1994