Our Church is accepting of all religious and spiritual beliefs and seeks to learn from all spiritual traditions.

We are a unique church in that our Sunday Services are community led although we do have at least  3 ministers who are members of our church.  At our Sunday Services, we invite people who attend our church   and in the wider community to share some aspect of their spiritual life or journey.  At times, we might have a guest speaker(s), a panel discussion or community sharing where a microphone is passed around and /or there is small group sharing.

Our topics at our Sunday Services are based on the Theme of the Month, determined by  members of the Spiritual Directions Committee who meet once a month and are  responsible for organizing the program for the month.

Chairs in the Sanctuary where our Sunday Services are held can be configured in a variety of ways and this is dependent on what is happening during a Sunday Service and the preference of the guest speaker at a Sunday Service. (Circular, Lecture Style, Horseshoe, etc).  Chairs may be arranged so that the Moderator, Person Leading the Meditation, and Guest Speaker(s) sit at the front of the room facing the congregation.

At our Sunday Service, we generally follow a set format and this is guided by a member of our community who serves as the moderator for the day.  We start with the Sunday Service with the ringing of the Tibetan Bell at 11 am and someone asks for quiet in the sanctuary and request that the community briefly hold hands.  This is followed by an Opening Song, Welcome by Moderator, Invocation, 1st Song, Statement of Being, short 10 minute Meditation, 20 minute Speaker Presentation, 2nd Song, Offertory Prayer, Thanks for Offertory, Gratitude, Blessings, Announcements, Closing Prayer and Peace Song where we form in a circle and join hands while we sing.  Our Sunday Services are  an hour long

Click here for a list of the members of the Spiritual Directions Committee

After our Sunday Service from 11 a.m. to Noon each week, please join us for refreshments and conversation.