Sunday August 15th, 7-10pm
Breath of Life Vocal Journey

$10-30 Sliding scale


Do you yearn to sing freely?  Would you like to discover the authentic beauty of your voice?

We have good news for you… everyone has a beautiful voice, it just needs the right guidance, love, care and support in order to find it’s freedom.

Naomi Jason and Alex King-Harris are deeply experienced embodiment facilitators who have forged a path of music and movement as pioneers in the art of holding sacred space.

This ‘Breath of Life’ Vocal Journey is about tuning into the power of your breath, learning to be mindful of your body tension, relaxing and softening the tension that naturally gathers when trying to sing.  You will be guided to listen completely, and attentively to every moment as your voice unfolds into harmony with others.

This is a practice of letting go.  Letting go of everything your brain thinks about singing, and embracing a path of liberation through the power of music.  You will have a direct experience of how your voice is an expression of the musical nature of all things.  Harmony, melody and rhythm.  Belonging together, helping you feel your own belonging, your own perfection, just the way you are.

No prior music experience is required.