Member-sponsored event proposal guidelines.

Member Sponsored events at the
Church of Truth – Community of Conscious Living

At the November Board Meeting, the Board Members discussed that they would like to encourage Members to suggest ideas for events that they would be excited to present to the membership. Excellent examples are the Maitreya Project and the Talent Show.

There are two opportunities for doing this.

One is to suggest the event to the coordinators of Wednesdays Inspirational Explorations which is always by donation.

If Wednesday does not work, the Board has implemented the following policy for the possibility of rent based on donation on another available date.

If an active church Member wishes to present an event, and can show that a substantial number of the community are interested, they are welcome to make a written proposal to the Board requesting to use the COT facility, with the rental fees to be paid by donations collected during the event. Members are requested to submit the proposal in writing at least one week before the Board meeting and then attend the Board Meeting to present their proposal.

When the project is approved, the Member will contact the rental coordinator and sign a contract as a renter and may submit a posting for the Events page on the church website.

The Board looks forward to receiving your proposals.