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In July 2017

Wednesdays, 7:00 – 8:30 pm  
Oneness Wednesdays – details here


Sundays, 11 am to Noon
Sunday Services – details here 


Saturday, July 15, 9AM-5PM
BASIC KRUGER OMNI HEALING SEMINAR, taught by Dr. Joshua Kruger – Course Developer and Teacher

You will learn in one day how to balance your entire nervous system via the skin.

  • This gentle yet effective 7 to 10 minute treatment always gets profound immediate results.
  • No special equipment is needed and can be performed anywhere.
  • It does not require any previous health care knowledge and is open to anyone: lay people, energy workers, massage therapists, all types of health care professionals.
  • You will learn to give yourself, your loved ones, clients and even your pets a full body treatment.
  • You receive training in pre and post testing so you and the subject witness the immediate results.
  • A complete illustrated manual.  Lecture with Videos and hands on training.

For more Info. and Registration, simply go to


Monday 24 July, 7PM
Yoni Egg Ceremony with Mercedes and Yani

Blessings Sisters, Shaktis, Feminine Wild Women,

We are gathering for an evening of Sacred Connection. Calling in the sacred in alignment to our embodied expression. Come join in this intimate setting where we can take a breath from our daily routine and offer ourselves the gift of a self loving practice. Making you feel like the radiant Goddess that you are. Connecting with your higher self, your body, your womb & your Yoni – Sanskrit for Sacred Temple.

And the sexual, life force energy that’s flowing all within us and can be guided to creatitivity, your passions and life’s purpose. This is an opportunity to become your own lover and take the time to in’joy yourself ? You will be able to continue the Yoni Egg practice at home, so you can tune in to your own Sacred Space.

The evening will be led by Mercedes & Yani. We have limited spaces, to share an intimate space together. So please contact us prior about attendance & payments. Price varies depending if you wish to purchase a Jade Egg for the Ceremony or if you intend to bring your own.


In August 2017

Wednesdays, 7:00 – 8:30 pm  
Oneness Wednesdays – details here

Sundays, 11 am to Noon
Sunday Services – details here 

Friday, August 11, 7:30pm

SINGVITATION…An Evening of Improvisation featuring Edmonton based musician, composer, choir director and vocal improviser KAREN PORKKA

Bringing with her all the inspiration and sounds from her west coast tour of The Singing V.I.N.E. (a vocal improvisation workshop). The night will be one of a kind, interactive concert filled with soulful sounds and spontaneous creations.

Tickets at the door  $10-20(Sliding scale)

For more information about Karen and Vocal Improvisation  visit



Saturday, August 12, 2017, 10am – 1pm
The Singing V.I.N.E. (Vocal Improvisation Nourishing Everyone)

Step into the Garden of Vocal Improvisation to Nourish the Creative Soul.
Connect with others in luscious harmonies, grooves from around the world and soul-filled sounds of spontaneous music inspired from All That We Are. This workshop is ideal for those who love to sing, to play vocally and are wanting to find new ways of expressing themselves. We will be exploring the building blocks of making music (melody, harmony and rhythm) while cultivating skills of Compassion and Generosity by listening deeply to ourselves and others.

Cost is $35 – Only 20 spaces available 
(Cost is $30 for those who attend the SINGVITATION Concert the night before)

To register visit and search The Singing V.I.N.E. – Victoria

or Contact Karen via her website to pay by etransfer or PayPal. For more information about Karen and Vocal Improvisation visit


Sunday, August 20th, 2-4 pm
Holistic Death Care Gathering, hosted by Shauna Janz MA

Guest Speaker: Don Morris, M.Ed
The Holistic Death Care Gathering is a series of community events bringing folks together that are interested in alternative approaches to death, dying and grief. The goal of these Gatherings is to nurture a community of care and to provide a local platform to share knowledge, resources and learning opportunities. Don Morris M.Ed will be sharing his own journey working in the field of deathcare, including spiritual and ritual aspects, and offering an introduction to facilitating home funeral ceremonies, including some of the legalities that surround it.

To register:


In September 2017

Wednesdays, 7:00 – 8:30 pm  
Oneness Wednesdays – details here


Friday, September 22nd, 6 – 9 pm
Sacred Flower Ceremony (Puja) to Goddess Durga

In this powerful evening, Ramana will be conducting a puja—a powerful, sacred Indian ceremony-designed to invoke the energy of Goddess Durga. This is an evening of surrendering anything that is keeping us from fully living our destiny, and opening to the purity of the true self.

Everyone is welcome to attend, especially anyone who would like to receive a healing or send healing out to others. Please bring a beautiful (unsniffed) flower for an offering at the ceremony.

Cost: $10 to $20 at the Door – Doors open at 6:00 p.m.  Flower Puja Ceremony starts at 7 p.m.

For more info: or email: or text/call Linda at 250-380-6383

Event Poster:  Ramana Event Poster (11 X 17)               Event Flyer:   Ramana Flyer for Victoria

Harbour Living Event Posting:



In October 2017

Wednesdays, 7:00 – 8:30 pm  
Oneness Wednesdays – details here


Saturday October 14th 10:00 am
Sunday October 15th 9:30 am (Meet at Beacon Hill Park)
Hearts Awakening Retreat / Carla Pilton & Mark Correia

Renew, regenerate and experience a profound heart opening weekend. We will dive deeply into the areas of your life that are ready to shift and transform. Deepening into stillness, expanding the heart, strengthening your spiritual connection, in a weekend that is sure to leave you in a place of pure bliss and clarity.

For more details and to register: Go to and type in “Hearts Awakening”

or click on this link:

For questions, please contact Carla at 250-951-1012 or email:


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