Inspirational Explorations Wednesdays


INSPIRATIONAL EXPLORATIONS is the series of Wednesday evenings devoted to exploring a wide range of aspects of spirituality, presented by as wide a range of people as possible.

February 6:  MANIFESTING THE DIVINE, “Moving to a Higher Octave of Light” is a section of the recorded series “Becoming a Master of Manifesting” by Sanaya Roman. Peggy Muncaster will facilitate listening  to and discussing this section. We begin at 7:15.

February 13. THE UPS AND DOWNS OF LOVE will be the focus of the poetry, song and spiritual readings circle facilitated by Chris Bullock, Sharon Ford, Hendrik de Pagter, and John  Vanden Heuvel. Love gained, love lost, love never found; love of nature, love of another, love of oneself, love of the divine, love of the mundane; bring a poem, song or reading on these or any other aspects of love to this pre-Valentine’s Day event.

February 20:  AWARENESS OF STILLNESS.  Marvelous Trudeau will lead an exploration inspired by  the work of Eckhart Tolle.

February 27:TREES MATTER. Professional photographer Frances Litman shares her imagery in an inspiring slideshow presentation with a variety of guest speakers on the topic of our community trees.



Inspirational Explorations Wednesdays replaces Oneness Wednesdays with a more diverse program that seeks contributions from all attendees of the Church of Truth, whether members, or (we hope) prospective members. You are invited to bring a proposal for an IE Wednesday to the January 16 meeting, where we intend, together, to plan IE evenings for February and March. If you are nervous about facilitating a whole evening, you can also propose a panel, a joint session etc. Further information from the IE co-coordinators: Chris Bullock (  ); John Vanden Heuvel ( ), Peggy Muncaster ( )

–January 2nd—Manifesting the Inner Divine— facilitated by Peggy Muncaster

–January 9th—DEVELOPING AN EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION PROCESS, facilitated by Steve Kinsella, with input from Chris Bullock.

–January 16th –PROGRAM MEETING CIRCLE (see invitation above), facilitated by Sanjara Omoniji.

–January 23rd –POETRY AND SONG CIRCLE—facilitated by Chris Bullock, Sharon Ford, Hendrik de Pagter

–January 30th— VULNERABILITY in the COMMUNICATION PROCESS, facilitated by Edward Butterworth