2015 Oneness Wednesdays

In 2015

Oneness Wednesdays in December:

“Exploring Talking Circles with Food and Dialogue”  – Dec. 2, 9 & 16, 6:45 p.m to 8:30 p.m.

Church of Truth, 111 Superior Street

Free or by donation

Several groups involved in our Church Community have found a Talking or Dialogue Circle format to be a valuable process for deepening connections within the group and the inner self. For the first three Oneness Wednesdays in December, we’ll hear about the history, value and process of various Circles operating in our Church from their members, chat with them while sharing food we’ve all contributed and experience how their group operates.Here are a few quotes from various Circle members that describe their experiences:

“Circles help lead us from ‘scared to sacred’!”

“Circles offer the sharing of food and partying while diving into the vastness of our being – without drugs!”

“Circles can be therapeutic but they are NOT for therapy.”

“Equality, trust, openness and respect of confidentiality are an integral part of all circles….so that the circle can be a safe place for each to explore their inner selves and open up in new ways.”


Wed., December 2  –  Facilitated by our Men’s Circle

**** 6:45  Note that we will start early for a relaxing time of mingling & sharing the contributed snacks or finger foods.

7:15ish – Opening of the Circle to create sacred space

7:25ish – Talking Stick passes for people to introduce their name & briefly offer what they know about Circle work.

7:45ish – Description of the Men’s Circle with Hendrik & other members

8:05ish – Q & A with members of the Men’s Circle

8:15      – Closing of the Circle & final reflection


Wed., Dec. 9 – Facilitated by the Talking Circle members

We hope you have seen the notices about the Oneness Wednesday series “Exploring Talking Circleswith Food and Dialogue” because we want to encourage you to come out to this week’s sitting for two reasons which hark back to our reason for being:

1. Our desire to ‘Explore’ the challenging subject of “First Nation/Settler relations in a safe environment and,

2. To make our learning and expanding understandings available to our community at the COT.

It seems that this circle is poised to change shape, i.e. go in different directions or deeper into our understandings. For the better part of two years we learned by doing; now we have not met since we broke for the summer, but there is so much more to do. This opportunity, provided by the Oneness Wednesday coordinators, opens a door to the wider community, where we will be able to share our process, learnings, understandings and experiences.

The outcome of this circle meeting will inform us about our next steps.


1. 6:45 – ‘Pot Luck;’ of finger foods, teas and socializing.

2. 7:15 – Check-in: Introductions and Circle opening: prayers, aspirations, poetry …. Words to

align our focus attention and intention (Patricia)

3. 7:25 – A brief history of CoT-Talk

4. 7:35 – Sharing – experiences, understandings, expectations etc. (talking-stick

5. 8:15 – Check-out: Closing

An interesting reference: http://peerspirit.com/the-circle-way/components-of-circle-videos/


Wed., Dec. 16 – Facilitated by Bill Israel, new Church member

6:45 p.m.  Finger food Potluck


You are invited to join a “group dialogue”.


The Circle Talk is a unique, facilitated group conversation whereby each participant is given an opportunity to speak openly on matters of personal importance and, in turn, listen actively to the other group participants. This Wednesday evening’s session will be facilitated by Bill Israel.

The topic for this Wednesday’s session is “Spiritual Steppingstones”. Every participant will be offered up to 3 minute opportunity to speak about these specific personal matters of belief:

1. The three most significant spiritual (religious or non-religious) events in my life history that have influenced my present spiritual position;

2. What I now “lean toward” in my beliefs;

3. What I now “lean away from” in my beliefs.


Everyone sits in a circle of chairs. Casual dress is fine. You need bring only yourself. If you bring a cell phone you will be asked to turn it off. No recordings are allowed as it is a very private and confidential process. There will be some “finger food” to begin the evening session – please feel free to bring something light to share with the group – cookies, crackers, fruit, cheese, etc.

The Facilitator will open the session with a few remarks about the dialogue procedure. After everyone (who elects to speak) has had  up to 3 minute turn to speak, the facilitator will open the floor for a “Circle Talk”. An open dialogue will proceed by means of passing a “talking stick” to those who want to say more. There is no judgment, analysis or critique of the personal statements. The objective of the session is to create an atmosphere of open, meditative and compassionate dialogue into which all participants speak their truth and listen respectfully to the truth of others.


Before you arrive at the Circle Talk session, take a few minutes to organize your thoughts. 3 minutes is not a lot of time, and the facilitator will keep the process moving so everyone gets their say. Write as many of the “significant events” as you can remember. We all have lots of them. Then decide on the three you would like to speak. The other events you will have in hand if you chose to say more later in the session. Keep in mind that you are not trying to convince others of anything – you are only speaking your truth – and listening to theirs .Write about one or two of the “leaning…” items. Keep it brief so you can hold to your three minutes. As you listen to others, after you speak, different thoughts and feelings will occur to you about your own, and you will get a chance to speak again about those. Practice your “talk” before you arrive.



Oneness Wednesdays in November:

Humor with Diana Kuch, Comedian

Diana Kuch

Wednesday, November 4, 18 + 25, 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Church of Truth, 111 Superior Street

Free or by donation

Nov 4th – Transformation through Laughter:  How to get from “Nasty” to “Namaste” using your Seventh Sense.           

Grumpy, nasty people are everywhere, and most annoyingly, in us! Join Diana Kuch, acclaimed comedian, play shop guru, and community robe model, as she shares how you can get in the Namaste zone with the help of your seventh sense: your sense of humour.

After meeting the Dali Lama in 1989, at the Human Rights Monument Celebration in Ottawa, Diana criticized his politics. Years later, she realized that it takes a very special person to figure out how to criticize his hunky holiness. Surprised by the power of her own nastiness, she embarked upon a journey to be more Namaste-like. She discovered the “secrets of the Dali Lama’s smile,” and incorporates them into her own life.

In the process of her journey from nasty to Namaste, Diana developed the “Transform through Laughter,” program.  Come out and enjoy an evening of holy hilarity, as you release your inner Dali Lama, have fun, and stop global whining.


Nov 18th – “The Laughter Games.”

Are you stiff and tired from, C.S.D., Chronic Seriousness Disorder?  You are not alone. Over seventy percent of adults are laughter deprived. There is a cure! Through ancient and modern laughter games, play shop guru, acclaimed comedian, and community robe model, Diana Kuch, helps you release trapped laughter and feel revitalized from within.


Nov 25th –  Fun with Feng Shui

Join Comedian Diana Kuch as she how to have fun decluttering and apply funny feng shui to add humour, joy and levity to your home.


About Diana Kuch:  

Diana Kuch is a Canadian Comedian best known for her trilogy of smash hit … including: The PussyWit Comedy Festival, The Victoria Pride Comedy Show, ..


Info: www.dianakuchcomedy.com  or http://cotvictoria.ca/oneness/  or Linda at 250-380-6383

What does peace mean to you?

Every day in the news we’re hearing how rampant violence is in our communities ….. It’s up to us to be the change that we wish for and the time is now to co-create it. — Paula Abdul

peace poppy

Wednesday, November 11th, 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Church of Truth, 111 Superior Street

Info:  http://cotvictoria.ca/oneness/ or Linda at 250-380-6383

Free or by donation

Saul Arbess and Penny Joy, Co-founders of the Canadian Peace Initiative will facilitate an evening of reflection: “What does Peace Mean to You?”.  We will share a meditation, songs of peace created and led by Brian Martin,  and the  co-creation of an altar  as an expression and focus for peace.   Attendees are invited to bring a small object and place it on the altar as their representation of peace.

Saul and Penny also dedicate this evening to the memory of the renowned artist and writer William Allister who was a Japanese prisoner of war during World War II.  During the war years, William Allister  drew upon artistic expression and a love of nature as a means of survival. Today, his creative works bridges the two cultures and affirms the remarkable resilience of the human spirit.

About Saul Arbess and Penny Joy: 

Saul Arbess and Penny Joy As co-founders of the Canadian Peace Initiative (CPI),  Penny and Saul are working in concert with CPI chapters and contacts in most major cities  across Canada and were among the co-creators of the Global Alliance for Ministries of Peace (GAMIP) with participation from 55 countries.

 Saul Arbess, Ph.D.:

Saul Arbess  is a cultural anthropologist and futurist is dedicated  to building a culture of peace in Canada and abroad, in which restorative practices are at its heart, having co-founded Restorative Justice Victoria. He has worked with Dr. Jean Houston, a pioneer in the human capacities movement, for over 30 years and has been trained in Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

Penny Joy:

Born in England in the Blitz, Penny Joy’s whole life has been directed into a spiraling path of exploration into peace.    Penny is a member of the Restorative Justice Coalition at William Head Penitentiary and co-founder of the Victoria Restorative Justice Society.

Penny is also a filmmaker and produced  “The Art of Compassion” with Peter C. Campbell and Gumboot Productions Inc.  This documentary presents World War II prisoners of war Manitoba-born artist and writer William Allister and Vancouver-born Japanese-Canadian architect Raymond Moriyama  who transform their painful experience into healing and reconciliation. Their moving stories resonate with themes of healing, appreciation for nature, and spiritual growth.

About William Allister: 

An actor, artist, novelist, filmmaker, and scriptwriter, William Allister’s creative impulses were stifled but not extinguished during 44 months of wartime mistreatment by Japanese captors. In 1983, the impulse to resolve these feelings lured him back to the Japanese shipyard where he had been  forced to labour in appalling conditions.   A son of one of the camp guards spent a week as a guide in Tokyo. During that visit, in a sacred ceremony,  William  Allister felt his animosity evaporate.  The journey unlocked a vision of how he could reconcile a simmering hostility with a deep appreciation of Japanese culture.  He returned to Canada to create a magnificent series of painting entitled, “East Weds West.”

William_Allister_Photo     allisterreturningasabird      William_Allister_Painting1

As an artist, I would paint toward peace, paint as I’d never painted before, stretching to the limits, soaring, exploring new forms, new harmonies” – William Allister

About the Canadian Peace Initiative:   The Canadian Peace Initiative (CPI)  was first conceived in 2004  by 8 visionaries and they have engaged people from all walks of life, Members of Parliament, activists and academics.  They have also  inspired books and movies published with the theme of a Department of Peace and  have engaged Members of Parliament to submit a Bill to Establish a Department of Peace (see Bill C-373).  The CPI is committed to the establishment of a Cabinet level Minister and Department of Peace within the Government of Canada;  Similar departments already exist in three other countries: Solomon Islands, Nepal and Costa Rica.

With the recent change of government, the Canadian Peace Initiative is very hopeful that Canada will be the next country to have a Department of Peace and that our new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will continue the Peace Initiative work that his father Pierre Trudeau began in 1983 where he campaigned for world peace and improved the relationship between nations, during the heart of the Cold War.

Info:    http://canadianpeaceinitiative.ca/

“Of all our dreams today there is none more important than that of peace in the world … May we never lose our faith in it or our resolve to do everything that can be done to convert it … into reality.”  —  Nobel Peace Prize recipient, our former Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson

“Cultivating Peace” article in the James Bay Beacon:  http://jamesbaybeacon.ca/?q=node/1706

Oneness Wednesdays in October:

Musical Jamming

October 7, 14, 21 + 28

7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Church of Truth, 111 Superior Street

Free or By donation

We are excited that musical jamming will be happening each Wednesday in October. This will be an opportunity for an individual or group of people to lead Oneness Wednesday participants in an evening of sing-a-long, musical accompaniment, dancing, etc. We will gather in a circle and be in a community of sharing and fun.

October 7      Sing-along & acoustic jam for Peace, Justice & Environment with Rejean & Friends!   Bring your voice, songbooks & acoustic instruments (including gentle 6 percussion). We will sing songs of Bob Marley & Others such as John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, & some Gospel etc…



Rejean Bussieres is a Humanitarian Singer-Guitarist originally from Quebec City with 44 years of experience.


October 14    —   Sing-along & acoustic jam. Lead by Ari Lade with selected songs and jams promoting community, love, self-awareness, peace, and social & environmental justice.  Bring your voice and/or acoustic instruments (including gentle percussion). Ari will lead the group through some classic songs of the 60s and 70s (Beatles, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, etc.), a few original numbers by Ari, and more!

Ari Lade is a singer-songwriter who teaches guitar to select students in Victoria.



October 21       —    World music with Felina Gossmann: We’ll explore some easy folk songs from various countries in various languages, e.g. Hebrew, French, English…Beautiful rounds and part songs. We’re also going to chant a couple of mantras. Feel free to bring your drums and instruments! Look forward to seeing many of you there!



October 28    —     Sing-along and acoustic jam for Beauty, Peace and Joy with Brian Martin… We will sing a few show tunes, some bluegrass standards and a selection of originals drawn from Brian’s two songbooks.    Bring your voice and/or acoustic instruments (including gentle percussion)

Although classically trained, Brian now focuses on presenting his own original music. he has created two books of original singable songs and recorded his first CD.



More info: Please call Linda at 250-380-6383 or weekly@cotvictoria.ca

Oneness Wednesday in September:

Finding Peace with Nature with Renee Lindstrom

Sept 16th  —  A gathering and Labyrinth Walk  in James Bay to celebrate Greater Victoria Labyrinth Friendship Day and Irving Park Labyrinth. Officially named Irving Park Labyrinth this year with new signage from the City of Victoria!  Join us at 6 p.m.for a reading of the  Reading of proclamation / official recognition of new signage from the City of Victoria by Jeremy Loveday followed by refreshments  and an evening  walk on Irving Park Labyrinth (LED tea light will be set within the labyrinth with battery powered lanterns set outside the labyrinth).  Hosted by Church of Truth Oneness Wednesday and Renee Lindstrom of Labyrinths of Greater Victoria.    Donations to the Irving Park Labyrinth appreciated.    More info:  www.walkvictoria.wordpress.com.  (Please note:  Venue is Irving Park Labyrinth; If raining, venue will be Church of Truth Sanctuary.)   


James Bay Morning Labyrinth Walk

James Bay Labyrinth Walk

*** Irving Park is located at the corners of Menzies and Michigan Streets in James Bay.   Hidden amongst magnificent old trees and beautiful Japanese plum trees on the far side of the park is a labyrinth made of flat stones sunk into the grass, hardly visible until you’re on top of it.

Irving Park Labyrinth Sign

*  James Bay Beacon Article on Irving Park Labyrinth:  http://www.jamesbaybeacon.ca/archive/2007marstorylabyrinth.htm

*  Greater Victoria Labyrinth’s:  https://walkvictoria.wordpress.com/

*  Labryrinths – Greater Victoria and Events:  https://www.pinterest.com/reneeatwakingup/labyrinths-greater-victoria-events/


Sept 23rd —  Celebrating Fall Equinox at the Irving Park Labyrinth  – Oneness Wednesdays will be hosting Louise Taylor and Betsy Nuse at Irving Park Labyrinth from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. to celebrate the Greater Victoria Peace Week Project and the Fall Equinox.  Louise and Betsy will align our energies with the labyrinth and trees of Irving Park.  We will move with one another  in a variety of simple community dances.  Bring your openness to cultivating both inner and outer peace – no dance experience and no partners are required.  By Donation.   More info:  http://cotvictoria.ca/oneness/(Please Note:  Venue – Irving Park Labyrinth; If raining, venue will be Church of Truth Sanctuary.)   

About Louise Taylor:  Born into an already international family, Louise Taylor has brought her musicality and love of the dance to countries in Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, United States and Canada. This contact with many cultures has influenced her world-view of Peace through Culture (Pax Cultura) a movement initiated by the Russian painter and philosopher, Nicholas Roerich. While teaching In Malaysia Louise was contacted by the World Prayer Peace Society. the foundation for the Peace Pole Movement: ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth’. Louise was the moving force behind the planting of the first Peace Pole on Vancouver Island. Now there are over 18  poles throughout the island (including one outside at the Church of Truth), a number of them at private residences. Last year’s Peace Week established a Peace Pole at Government House.

About Betsy Nuse:  Betsy Nuse was a wallflower with two left feet until she stepped into a Sacred Dance circle in the Cowichan Valley more than 20 years ago. Betsy has practiced yoga, loves to walk in nature and belongs to the Victoria Dancing Circle.

These two evening list above are also  part of the  2nd Annual Peace Week Project happening from Sept. 13 to 21st.  This is a grassroots campaign to focus awareness and attention on Peace in our local communities .  There will be a community calendar of events to inspire and celebrate!  Groups, organizations, schools, families and individual are encouraged to create, join, or volunteer. The goal is to to bring “peace awareness through peace experiences”  and the Theme for 2015 is “Peace + Connection”.    Please contact renee@insideawareness.com or visit https://www.facebook.com/events/650401641750005/  for more information.


Greater Victoria for Peace & Intercultural Celebrations:  http://yyjpeace.com/

Sept 27th —  Life of Balance, Nature as the Guide to Living  from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.   Nature in balance creates harmony and gifts all life with what they need for a happy life.  Nature out of balance takes back its gifts and destroys life.  Can exploring the metaphors of Nature guide us in our developing consciousness and take us back into living life in more harmony and balance with each other and our natural surroundings.  As a labyrinth reflects an ancient natural form of going inward to find a connection to return differently lets continue the journey to exploring our nature characters and how to be more understanding in relationships using the virtues reflected in nature.


 About Renee Lindstrom:  TBA



Oneness Wednesdays in June, 2015

Cultivating a Lifestyle of Harmony & Balance in Rhythm with Nature with Renee Lindstrom

Oneness Wednesday evenings in June will focus our attention on ways of increasing the synergy of nature and our personal landscape and living experiences.  Nature in balance supports harmony and nature out of balance destroys it.  Each Wednesday has it’s own jewel to explore and can be experienced separately.  Attending the series will expand personal awareness and will deepened cognitive and somatic integration.  During the month we will explore the meaning of landscape, the patterns of a natural landscape and how we fully participate in creating the landscape consciously and unconsciously. The month long series will include right and left brain activities; learning models, creativity and movement to enhance your somatic experience.  You will leave June with your own  ability to plan your living landscape experience.

Dates:  June 3, 10, 17 + 24
Time:   7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Location:    Church of Truth, 111 Superior Street
Cost:    Free or by donation

More info:  Linda at 250-380-6383 or  weekly@cotvictoria.ca

June 3rd    –  Embracing Elements of Nature





Embracing Elements of Nature will focus on introducing the symbolism of natural elements of nature’s landscape.  You will learn how to identify these symbols in your surroundings, the elements you are drawn towards and the elements you thrive in. This evening’s event will include a presentation style introduction and engage you creatively in an activity.

June 10th  –  Personal Landscape in Harmony or Disharmony






The topic of Personal Landscape in Harmony or Disharmony will introduce how nature’s landscape stimulates personal and individual experiences of health and well-being. This evening may deepen or validate your inner knowing of how your natural landscape effects you and enhance  awareness of how the  landscape is your experience.  There is no separation.  This will include exploring how to incorporate the symbols of wood, fire, earth, metal and water into your own tool kit for cultivating your own landscape experience.  This evening deepening process will be through dialogue, vision, intention and action.

June 17th  –   Harmonizing with Nature’s Landscape,  Solstice Labyrinth Walk with special guest ‘Ocian Flo’








To celebrate this year’s summer solstice,  our focus will be on creating a landscape to walk individually in the harmony and unity of community.  The symbolism of creating a cloth rope labyrinth becomes the wheel of turning confusion and inner conflict into something beautiful to share that in the right landscape becomes sacred.  It is a somatic experience of transitioning from left brain to right brain.   This special occasion will include the beautiful and sacred ceremonial sounds of Ocian Flo.   Ocian will be joining us this evening to create a deepened sacred connection to self and nature’s harmonies.  Ocian has a beauiful blueberry labyrinth that she shares celebration in connection to the planetary turning of the cosmos.  We are honored to have her join our sacred celebration experience to enhance the concept that we individually create the landscape experience in the unity of the whole.

June 24th  –  Balance & Harmony Living Landscape Map










This evenings topic, Balance & Harmony Living Landscape Map,  introduces living in awareness of nature and intention.  Tools that develop the skills to balance personal lifestyle experiences using the harmony of natures patterns and landscape elements.   You will be able to choose a life area that you wish to experience change and make this shift starting with seeing it, believing it and taking action!

About Renee Lindstrom:  

Renee has been training in ways to live a more conscious life journey since the mid to late 90’s.  This has included training in nature elements, influences of landscape, Shambhala & Buddhist Meditation and Dogmas, practice and concepts of Marshall Rosenberg’s model of Nonviolent Communication and Moshe Feldenkrais’s model of Functional Integration and Awareness through Movement.  Studies of living functions that Renee has come to call integration of the four aspects of self; belief, mental, emotional and physical. Her style of sharing and mentoring is that of guidance and choices. It is a way to encourage others to find their own inner guru (self-esteem, inner-confidence and shining self) and become excited about themselves versus trying to be the guru. She will stand in the light with you not for you!  She has discovered the journey is an individual responsibility and one of choices and free will.  Being somebodies guru is a big responsibility and can easily become the justification for another to stay on the unconscious path.  She is her own guru and looks forward to walking towards an authentic path with you.  Yet, those who have sought her mentor-ship have discovered  she balances her capacity for empathy with the challenges of being honest.  Her gift is cutting through the story to what is real and she will honesty tell anyone that it takes practice and you have to be willing to do the work.  You can not learn something and expect change.  It needs to be followed up with integration and that takes courage.

Please visit Renee’s web site for more information:  http://insideawareness.com/


Oneness Wednesdays in May, 2015

Kundalini Yoga with Cedona Holly

lotus in pond

Kundalini Yoga brings together music, postures and mudras (hand positions) to bring us to a state of balance and harmony.

Our focus for these evenings will be restorative and rebalancing to our nervous system and all the different facets of our make up: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The first class will be a thorough introduction to this Yoga, as well Cedona will share her personal story with it.

Beginners and all physical abilities are welcome. While we will build our skills throughout the series, dropping in is also welcome.

Dates: May 6, 13, 20 + 27
Time: 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Location: Church of Truth, 111 Superior Street
Cost: Free or by donation

For more info about Cedona Holly please go to: www.EternalOneness.org.

For more information about Oneness Wednesday, please contact:  Linda at 250-380-6383

More information on the 1st Class  on May 6th:

Kundalini Yoga is called the “Yoga of Awareness”. It is best to come to this class with no preconceived ideas, as it is a unique experience – designed to connect you to your Soul. Kundalini Yoga is for anyone who wants to become “Healthy, Happy and Holy”.

The uplifting vibration of the background music as well as the mantras we chant are integral to the benefits we receive. If you love music, you may very well fall in love with this Yoga (as I did)!

We restore ourselves to balance through our total Yoga practice during each class: breath awareness, yoga exercises, deep relaxation and meditation. Our first class will be a more in depth introduction to the various key elements we will use throughout the series.

In just a few minutes, through specific breathing practices, we can calm ourselves and find deep peace within us. We will both invigorate and calm ourselves during this series.

Please bring a water bottle, as it is important to drink to keep the energy moving. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and layers, as you may feel either warm or cool. Bring a mat, square cushion to sit on and a blanket to cover yourself during relaxation. If you do not have a Yoga mat, you can fold your blanket over for padding. There will be no jumping or vigorous stretching. These classes are designed to be gentle and restorative. Please participate to the degree you feel comfortable and use a chair if you wish. If you have a serious medical condition, please consult with your doctor. You will be asked to sign a release form before the class.

More Information on the 2nd Class on May 13th:

Welcome to our second week of Kundalini Yoga. To maintain our youthfulness,  we need to keep our spine flexible. This is precisely what we will work with in The Basic Spinal Energy Series. It is a short series and can be completed in a chair. We have the luxury of a long deep relaxation to integrate the opening Pranayama followed by this Kriya set. We complete with the Kirtan Kriya which has a host of benefits. Our entire day will help us release stress, come into a total balance and invigorate the flow of energy though the spine, the brain and our entire system. You can expect deeper peace, better sleep and an increase in your feeling of well-being and vitality. All levels of experience and mobility welcome. Come and enjoy the music and the wonderful feeling of moving your body.    Please consult with your physician if you are uncertain about exercising.  New people will be asked to sign a release form.

More Information on the 3rd Class on May 20th:

This third session of our series focuses on the digestive system with the “Kriya for Disease Resistance”.   As always, you are invited to sit in a chair to participate.  Do as much as you can and leave the rest.  We receive benefit from simply being in the room and even by imagining doing the full exercise.  We finish with the “Kirtan Kriya” , a profound meditation which helps us clear the subconscious mind in addition to helping us become calm and re-balanced.  If you do not have a yoga mat, you can bring a blanket instead.  All levels are welcome.  The special sacred music we use is profoundly soothing, uplifting and transformative.  Suggested items to bring:  Water bottle, yoga mat and/or blanket, square cushion and shawl (to cover yourself when you are in relaxation pose).

More Information on the 4th Class on May 27th:

Welcome. Our final class in the series ends with a gentle Kriya which will help your entire system relax and come into balance. Deeper sleep may also be the result. “Getting the Body Out of Distress” is an easy set and includes some self massage. This is a gentle yet most effective Kriya. There will be a meditation to follow and a deep relaxation as well. Please bring a yoga mat or blanket, water bottle, shawl to cover yourself during deep relaxation and please wear layers of comfortable clothing. All are welcome. Thank you for joining us.


Oneness Wednesdays in April, 2015
The Healing Power of the Voice

healing voice

Wednesdays April 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29
7:o0- 8:30 p.m. (note start time)
Free or by donation

April 1  Vibration + Intention = Healing!

To get us prepared for the weeks to come we will be learning about ‘tuning’ our bodies through gentle movement and accessing our own vibration through chanting the seed sounds of the chakras.  An easy practice with no vocal experience needed.  This class is facilitated by Pauline Karch.

Pauline is a singer/songwriter with roots in Jazz and Vocal Improv.  She draws from these genres as well as from a variety of other musical styles to express her exploration into the beauty of life.  Pauline regularly plays in a Jazz Trio at the Government House and can also be found playing various venues throughout Victoria.  Pauline has a deep interest in using the voice as a means of healing for oneself, relationships, local and global communities.

April 8, 15 & 29    SoundBody Studio Oneness Wednesday Offerings

Bisia, founder of SoundBody Studio, Margot (certified teacher) and Kim (teacher in training) will be offering a VoiceWorks voice and movement series for Oneness Wednesday in April.

SoundBody Studio offers expressive arts and body-centered therapy as strategies to maintain physical, emotional and mental health.  Come learn how to Tune Up and Compose yourself using voice and movement fusion as a way to enter oneness.  We will be using the voice, movement and presence to participate in and co-create improvisational musical moments that will help you access your  aliveness and presence to your creative self.  All vocal comfort levels welcome!!  To find out more about Bisia and SoundBody Studio please visit, www.soundbodystudio.ca

April 8   Improv Singing & More with Bisia

Come learn how to Tune Up and Compose yourself using voice and movement fusion as a way to enter oneness. We will be using the voice, movement and presence to participate in and co-create improvisational musical moments that will help you access your aliveness and presence to your creative self. All vocal comfort levels welcome!!

Bisia is the founder of SoundBody Studio, a registered massage therapist by profession and a singer, educator, performance and recording artist by passion.

She founded SoundBody Studio in 1997 where she combines both of her consuming interests into a variety of offerings:

Weekly voice and movement fusion classes; workshops in vocal/anatomy and  anatomy; and “vocalbody” intensives.   Over the last 10 years she has engaged health care professionals when presenting her “VoiceWorks for Compassion Burnout” workshops across Canada. SoundBody Studio is now in its 18th year and the teaching team has grown!  Bisia returns to MISSA (Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts) in June for a 2 day VocalBody intensive with VW teacher Margot Johnston.

April 15  Improv Singing & More with Margot Johnston 

Come learn how to Tune Up and Compose yourself using voice and movement fusion as a way to enter oneness. We will be using the voice, movement and presence to participate in and co-create improvisational musical moments that will help you access your aliveness and presence to your creative self. All vocal comfort levels welcome!!

Margot Johnston loves to sing, especially improv.… in the shower, in the street, at the store, at the beach. She trained with Bisia Belina and is a certified VoiceWorks instructor at SoundBody Studio. Her Monday night VoiceWorks classes are fun and empowering. You can find more information about her classes at www.soundbodystudio.ca . Margot also performs as a singer and songwriter in a variety of venues. She is a visual artist (BFA) and holds a certificate in Adult Continuing Education. She works as an elder companion, offering her clients music, art and improvised creativity.

April 22       Flute, Vocal and Drum Vibration, an Exploration

This week we will have musicians Norm Smookler and Pauline Karch begin the evening with a meditation using a variety of flutes, percussion and improvisational voicing.  We will then move into learning how to chant the sacred vowel sounds that correspond with the Chakras. During the chanting practice our voices will be accompanied by the sound of the beating drum. We will end the evening with another flute/voice meditation. Come explore the power of sound with us!

April 29      Improv Singing & More with Kimberly Goodlife 

Come learn how to Tune Up and Compose yourself using voice and movement fusion as a way to enter oneness. We will be using the voice, movement and presence to participate in and co-create improvisational musical moments that will help you access your aliveness and presence to your creative self. All vocal comfort levels welcome!!

Kim Goodliffe is passionate about movement and voice as a way to connect and play – with self, others and beyond. As a singer, writer and practitioner of sacred dance, she honours the ever-moving path of creativity. Currently in the teacherin-training program with Bisia Belina at the SoundBody Studio in Victoria (www.soundbodystudio.ca), Kim leads a monthly Movement to Voice exploration group in Sooke, and will be leading a spring/summer Vocal Improv drop-in class in James Bay. She holds a Master of Fine Arts and is the author of Lowballer, a collection of poetry about one very long season of planting trees. You can find a copy at: http://brunswickbooks.ca/Lowballer/


Oneness Wednesdays in March, 2015

Wednesdays March 4, 11, 18 and 25
7:o0- 8:30 p.m. (note start time)
Free or by donation


Please come to A Ray of Grace, a 90-minute inner journey. This is an opportunity for deep relaxation, to more fully hear your inner voice, and to receive the blessing of a ray of grace. Our time will include receiving two no-touch energy balancing (attunements) while listening to flutes and soft percussion instruments live, as well as in-depth journaling in silence. A Ray of Grace and its 3-hour version The Quickening have been delivered over 100 times in various countries since 1994.

Jonathan Beals is a Master Attunement Practitioner and StoryCatcher for Matters of the Heart and a leader in Conscious Community development for over 35 years.

Jasen McQuarrie, Certified Attunement Practitioner, has been a small business entrepreneur for the past 10 years. He is a leader in Non-Violent Communication and certified in Reflexology.

Rose Meeker has been a spiritual mentor and confidante for over 40 years, and is an experienced Energy-Work Practitioner. She is also a poet, singer and choral composer.

Norm Smookler, creator of A Ray of Grace, is a consultant in Trust Building and 360 Feedback. He recorded several Meditation CDs and 2 documentary soundtracks.

Please come with a journal, pen and the question: “What would I like to have happen in my life?”

For more information, please visit:  http://cotvictoria.ca/oneness/ or call Peggy at 250-888-7664.


Wednesdays March 11, 18 + 25  Primordial Chi Kung with Lynn Gordon

Over the course of 3 evenings, we will practice Primordial Chi Kung, a powerful form of Taoist meditation.

By practicing Primordial Chi Kung (11 exercises and movements with visualizations), within a short period of time, the practitioner will notice the benefits, principally in energy available for everyday tasks, with better concentration and mellowness of spirit. The time you spend with the exercise will serve to liberate your thinking and reveal your essence.

Once learned, the Primordial Chi Kung set will forever be a source of enjoyment, self-healing and self-cultivation.

It is recommended that participants wear loose fitting clothing and slippers, flat-soled shoes or thick socks.

Lynn Gordon has been studying and teaching Tai Chi and Chi Kung since 1981 as part of an enquiry into the process of letting go and waking up. His interest and research has included yoga, diet and variety of healing styles. He worked in the

business world as a trainer, teacher and motivational speaker. Today he continues his teaching and healing practice and is also a student at Pacific Rim College.

For more information, please visit:  http://cotvictoria.ca/oneness/ or call Peggy at 250-888-7664.



Oneness Wednesdays in February, 2015

Wednesdays February 4, 11, 18 and 25
7:30- 9:00 p.m. (note start time)
Free or by donation

Oneness Wednesday evenings at Church of Truth is pleased to have Dr Leonard Thornton as our presenter for the month of February. A gifted and effective Victoria area practitioner of  Energy Medicine,he will be doing a series of classes on New Energy Psychology, using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and other tools for healing and clearing our cellular memory. Dr Thornton says he will be addressing achieving love, success and happiness in your life using EFT, emotion code, healing codes, guided meditation, imagery and breathwork, and finding fulfillment of mental and emotional health.


Oneness Wednesdays in January, 2015

Wednesdays January 7, 14, 21, 28
7:00- 8:30 p.m.
Free or by donation

In January, we will have dual presenters, Elaine Pace and Denise Appelmans with dynamic interactive presentations for our Oneness Wednesdays. Start time is 7:00 through 8:30.

Elaine Pace   After a lifetime of adventuresome preparation, studying and working in the fields of spirituality, mental health counselling and holistic health, Elaine became acquainted with Nathan, a Spirit Guide, through the intuitive, Denise Appelmans, in 2011. To this day, Elaine interacts with Nathan through Denise, to receive his teachings of love, transformation and unfoldment. Elaine passionately shares Nathan’s teachings and the immense impact they have had in her life, in group settings, coaching sessions, and through books.  She can be reached at www.therelinquishment.com

Jan. 7

Week 1: Call forth the energy of the sacred and watch yourself flourish, by living in gratitude, with the intention to passionately embrace and express your life.*

Jan.14 ?

Week 2: Embrace the gift of your life by living in acceptance, a key pathway to love. 

Jan.21 ?

Week 3: Learn the number one place that peace comes from, and how peace is the root of love. 

Jan 28 ?

Week 4: In gratitude, follow the “clues” of love, and let yourself soar! 

* These sessions are based on the presenters’  book, “The Miracle of Gratitude, The Miracle of Life”.