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Esther Hart             Author, Speaker, Author Mentor      250-896-5933

Esther inspires people with her talks, coaching and writing, always encouraging people to experience freedom by trusting their own knowing. She gets great pleasure from supporting other writers to blossom into authors so that their inspirational stories can reach the people they are meant to inspire.


Deborah Hawkey           Technical Writing                 250-813-1747

Sales & Marketing, Career Coaching, Websites, Desktop Publishing, Resumes & Cover Letters


Laura Lane                              Celebration Pianist                            250-893-9656

Accompanist, Pianist, Singer. Available for Weddings, Celebrations of Life & Special Events “Comfort Zone” Band, Boomers, Folk, Light Rock music group.


Michelle Pedersen          Make-up Artist

For make-up consults and pricing please email me at



Leonard M. Thornton, Ph.D.  Liberating Energy Psychology with EFT removes blocks to health, happiness and freedom!                                                                    250-598-4303


Marvelous Trudeau, Escort                                                                 250-384-2563

Will take people to 1st A.A. meeting


Linda Chan,  Coordinator, Spring Ridge Commons                  250-380-6383

Visit Spring Ridge Commons, our community urban food forest/permaculture garden – corner of Chambers Street and Gladstone Avenue  (in Fernwood)

Volunteer or join us for tea and conversation in the garden at Bee in the Garden – Every Sunday afternoon from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.