Joyfully & Consciously Stepping into the New Year

December 31,  7 p.m. to Midnight

Sponsored by the Church of Truth, Community of Conscious Living


This will be a fun, reflective and non-traditional celebration of the new year: 

Last year we had a really fun event and throughout the evening we had between 40 and 60 people showing up.  Please come and join us this year for a similar event with some surprises.  Being in community and having an opportunity to reflect can be a wonderful jump start for the new year and bring forth some hidden potentials.



Everyone is welcome to drop in and join us for all or part of the evening:

(Tentative Schedule):  

07:00 pm          Mix n’ Mingle & Co-create Nature Mandala

07:45 pm          Icebreaker with Sanjara Omoniyi

08:00 pm       Circle Dancing with Betsy Nuse

‘Join hands in a dancing circle – no partners or experience required. Trust music and rhythm to harmonize our steps and warm our hearts.’

08:45 pm           Snacks & Refreshments

09:00 pm           Reflections with Sanjara Omoniyi

“Sanjara will guide us through a process of reflections on the past year. The insights gained can help us to envision potentials that we want to bring into our lives.”

10:00 pm             Community Co-creation Event with Renee Lindstrom

‘Join together & create an indoor spiral pathway with evergreen branches around the mandala’

11:00 pm               Journey through the Spiral  

‘Reflective heart-spirit centering walk held in the field of community intention’

Midnight                 Closing Circle


What to bring:

  • Finger foods for the evening
  • Comfortable shoes for circle dancing
  • Objects to decorate Nature Mandala: stars, cones, colorful berries(beads), feathers, minerals, branches, flowers, natural materials, cloth, wood, glass, etc.
  • Objects to decorate the evergreen spiral
  • Fruit or cash for donation to purchase bananas for ‘Our Place’


Event Poster:  



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