Church of Truth Rental Rate Sheet

For Description and Photos of Facilities:  Click [here] or directly on Facilities Rentals

To book your event, contact or 250-896-5933 between noon and 5 pm Monday to Friday except holidays.

When booking your hours, be sure to ask for the hours you need the space, including setup and cleanup, not just the hours of your event.

Workshops, seminars, meetings, concerts, weddings, memorials, etc.

Sanctuary   $36.00 per hour

NOTE: Minimum charges – 3 hours Sunday to Thursday evenings, $108.00

– 4 hours Friday and Saturday, $144.00


Kitchen    $36.00 (per function)

Library    $36.00 (per morning/afternoon use – up to 4 hours)

Yellow room   $36.00 (per morning/afternoon use – up to 4 hours)

Quiet room   $36.00 (per morning/afternoon – up to 4 hours)

Piano    $36.00 (special permission required)

Audio Visual Equipment

Sound system $36 – conditions apply

60″ TV – $56.00 – conditions apply


Updated March 18, 2019, March 1, 2020