2012 Services


Sunday Services in December …….

Theme:   We Are the Blessing


In December, the Church of Truth – Community of Conscious
Living offers a series of services incorporating the insight and
affirmation that WE are the blessing. To convey this insight we
have used the rich symbolism of the body, with which we are
blessed by Mother Earth.

On Dec. 2, the theme is Hear and Now (The Art of Listening).
For a moment, a brief moment, imagine yourself deaf ……
Dancing Wolf notes, “Not only is sound all around us … there
is an inner chatter that can be deafening at times and yet when
we … listen deeply we are more often than not blessed with
great gifts.” The blessings of hearing are myriad. Through our
ears we hear the other, the cries and sighs of nature, the songs of
the spheres, the silence. Julia Menard, a professional mediator
specializing in conflict transformation, will be our guest
speaker. Ms. Menard will offer our community a workshop
in February on Making Tough Conversations Great. This is a
wonderful opportunity for the Community of Conscious Living
to hear her speak.

On Dec. 9, hospital chaplain Peter Shurvin will offer us a hand
blessing. For a moment, look at your hands, then imagine
yourself without hands …… Ordained in the Anglican Church,
Peter’s 20-year journey as a chaplain in the hospital system
has allowed him to enjoy and learn from the numerous forms
of expression by which humans approach the Great Spirit,
in sickness, health and death. He blesses the hands that heal,
comfort, work, connect and allow us to intimately interact with creation.

At the core of the month, Dec. 16, Sanjara Omoniyi will speak on the blessings
of the heart. For a moment, struggle to imagine yourself without a heart. It is
unthinkable for all but the sociopath. One of the blessings I experience as a
congregant of this community of conscious living is a widespread and deep “heart-
centredness” that does not disparage the intellect, but rather allows for a balance by
restoring love and compassion at the core.

If the eyes are the window of the soul, prepare yourself for another rich ceremony
as coordinated and moderated by Trish Coleman on Dec. 23, with the theme being
the Blessing of Sight, Light and Insight. The Advent candle of love, the Hanukkah
menorah, the Christos light and the return of the sun will all shed their radiant
blessings. “Do you see what I see?”

Finally, on Dec. 30, the feet that carry us through this glorious painful life, with
or without complaint, that grounds us to Mother Earth, will be the subject, or
metaphor, of our final encounter with the theme of blessing. “I had no shoes and
complained, until I met a man who had no feet.” For a moment, imagine yourself
with no feet… Our soles have led us through this year and our souls will lead us,
together in community, into the year of promise and great change which awaits us.

For me, that we are the blessing has been clearly manifest as my association with
the Church of Truth deepens. A man blessed with a reasonable amount of good
friends, I now have many more among the congregants. I am so blessed to be part
of the Men’s Circle that was birthed in January, loving the brothers who share their
joy and pain, wisdom and honesty, practical and spiritual blessings. I am blessed
that a Women’s Circle is also active, strengthening those who hold up half the
sky so that it won’t fall on my head. We are blessed to have dedicated volunteers
who ten months of the year, arrange to share this church’s gift of sacred space and
human resources on Oneness Wednesdays, the seductress that ensnared me in this
community of conscious living. We are blessed in the consistent silent service
congregants perform without anticipation of reward. We are blessed that their
service is appreciated and recognized. We are blessed in the constant variegations
of truth that manifest themselves in an ongoing crescendo of Oneness as we step
forth and share from our hearts and our minds. We see the bonds strengthening, the
love blossoming. We ARE the blessing. Come to church, look around, and feel it
in your heart. We ARE the blessing.

Hendrik de Pagter SDC


Services in November …….

Theme:   From Here to Eternity (Death & Dying)


It is my experience that many people who work in Hospice and many others who have faced death in the eye have come to the realization that it isn’t the fearful event they had perhaps once thought it was. That is not to say it is easy, or without deep emotions to watch someone you care for die or even being the one who is dying! It does help to accept that death is inevitable and can be the beginning instead of the end. Some say that I am not saying the truth when I say I do not have fear when it comes to my own death but that is how I feel. I truly feel at Peace.

In Patch Adams, the movie, Patch visits a young man who is dying and is very, very angry. He is miserable to the nursing and medical staff and even throws a bedpan at Patch, a medical student. Patch reaches the man’s anger by calling death by all the names he can think of and eventually the young man can think of some. Some of the names were “kick the bucket”, “buy the farm” “the last big sleep”. You probably can add to this. We also avoid the word DEATH with words such as “passed away”, “made her transition,” I do see life after death as a new adventure, for some who have been very ill; a graduation day, a day of freedom from an earthly shell that doesn’t serve them well anymore. I believe it is a continuation of our Spirit in a different form. What do you think?

Perhaps some of you have read or heard of Anita Moorjani’s book ‘Dying to Be Me’. In her book she describes her NDE (near death experience).Anita explains that while in the coma state she was actually in a really amazing and beautiful place where she was aware of everything that happened around her, including how distraught her family was. In fact, she didn’t understand why they were so distraught, because she felt so good. She was free from pain and suffering.

But, there was more. Anita felt absolutely surrounded by unconditional love so magnificent that words cannot explain. She describes the feeling like the warm comfort of home.  Anita could see, hear and feel everything that was happening within the entire situation. She heard doctor’s talking about her condition when they were not even inside her room. She knew her husband called her brother to tell him the news. She had awareness of her brother and knew that he was coming to see her. While in the coma, Anita felt the presence of her father who died 10 years prior, as well as the presence of her friend who died from cancer.

In this state, Anita explains there is no time lapse, when she brought something into her awareness it instantly appeared before her. She was aware of other lives as though she lived other lives, but not as past lives, as lives that were actually happening then and there in front of her. It’s like all of time exists at the same time. Everything is happening in the present moment – past, present and future. Anita saw her future. She had a choice of whether she wanted to come back or not. Anita saw the outcome of both scenarios play out.

Anita also understood that we are all One, all part of the One consciousness, all facets of the One Source. Anita was able to feel the emotions of everyone she put her awareness on, every doctor, nurse, her mother, brother and her husband. Without her body, she realized that our bodies make us feel separate, in truth, we are not separate we’re all One and whatever we do and feel affects everybody. Whatever she focused her awareness on, she became it. Without her body she felt she was everywhere at the same time.

If she uses the term God she must add that God has no form. God is formless. Anita explains, the minute you put form on God you put limitation there. All she knew for sure was that something really huge had happened and that she connected with something. That something that she connected to made her feel that she was that something. When she was in the state without her body she was also a part of that something, she was everything, she was invincible, she was connected to everybody and every living thing.

Anita became the universe in that state. She realized she had the universe inside of her and that we all do. Anita describes, it feels as though we are all at the center of the universe. When you find that center place you can start allowing everything that is yours to enter into your life. It’s not about pursuing anything. It’s about allowing what is yours to come to you.

So she suggests that we relax and realize that the journey to creating our reality is to discover our Real Self, who we truly are. The more we discover our True Self the more we allow that which is truly ours to come into our life. Once you know that you are an amazing magnificent being that is worthy and deserving of  everything that you desire, once you know that you are worthy and you deserve love, unconditional love, in the way that you desire it, you only have to realize it and allow it in. We seem to believe we have to compete to have our desires met, but we’re all different, no two people have the same desires and the universe needs all of us. We are all facets of the universe and we’ve come to express who we are.  Death is a clinical process, a process that can be observed and documented. Many have made the ‘journey’ and returned to tell about it. Others, such as the Shaman, have made it a practice of taking the journey intentionally. We have a wealth of opinion about what happens to us when we make this journey as well as a wealth of information that has been gathered from those who have actually been there and back.

At our core essence we are pure Love. When we are being our true self all we can be is Love because that’s who we are at our core. Love is all there is. One commonality is evident, all judgment is self-judgment. Almost without exception, the report is the light did not judge us – we judged ourselves!


The Immortal Journey by James Dillet Freeman from his book Time and Eternity

We make an immortal journey. Through chance and change, by way of worlds
forgotten and courses unremembered yet graven in my soul, I came here and I
journey on.
This is the human condition.
I have risen on immortal mornings,
I have slept through innumerable nights.
I have journeyed on innumerable journeys.
I have lived in familiar and unfamiliar worlds.
I have had brave and beautiful companions, lovely friends.
I shall have them yet again.
I have been weak and strong, wise and unwise.
I have come on much curious knowledge, some remembered, and some forgotten.
I have done many deeds, some worthy, some unworthy.
What I am undertaking I am not sure- but I am sure it is a destination worthy of myself.
Here I am at this place on this day. Tonight I shall lie down once more to sleep
And tomorrow I shall rise again and journey on.

Submitted by P. Coleman SDC


NOVEMBER’S THEME: From Here to Eternity (Death and Dying)

Nov 4      Death: Crucible or Curse

Coordinator:     Dancing Wolf
Moderator:         Joyanna Wilkinson
Meditator:           Don Morris
Speaker:               Rachelle Lamb
Greeter:                Bob Winkenhower


Nov 11        Peace and Remembrance

Coordinator:      Stephen Graves
Moderator:          Stephen Graves
Meditation:         Laurence Beal
Panel:                      Bob Winkenhower, Junie Swadron & Kim Ouimet
Greeter:                 Cynthia Pattison


Nov 18          Conscious Dying

Coordinator:       Patricia Coleman
Moderator:           D. Joan Thomas
Meditation:          Norm Smookler
Speakers:               Sacred Talking Circle
Roland Guenther, Sanjara Omoniyi, Trish Coleman & Don Morris
Greeter:                  Janet Taylor


Nov 25       Nobody Gets Out of Here Alive

Coordinator:      Hendrik de Pagter
Moderator:         Hendrik de Pagter
Meditation:         Patti Huot
Speaker:               Community Service
Greeter:                Lorna Rennie
Song:                     Jennifer Sagar (May the circle be unbroken)


Sunday Services in October …….

Theme: Unity Consciousness

When the SDC selected the theme of “Unity Consciousness” for October
… I reflected some time later that:

Unity Consciousness describes our church, our community.

I reflected that …

In this community we honor Diversity, allowing each to express their truths
knowing that from their perspective indeed that is what it is.
And from my perspective, I may or may not fully agree, but I know that
should I choose, I will be given opportunity to share my thoughts, my

I know that when I say “God” or “Great Spirit” that each of my brothers
and sisters will relate this to their concept of Divinity.

I can trust that what is shared is shared from the Heart, that personal
agendas are not always tolerated. And yet all agendas that promote, that
support the wellbeing of our community are welcomed.

I reflected that …Each beautiful Soul here is contributing to the
understanding of Self ….. Self-Love ….. and the desire to achieve the
Sacred Union of Spirit and Matter.

And it is the recognition of Balance within our Being that releases the gift
of Self-Healing … thereby enabling us to facilitate the self-healing of

We Are the Alpha and Omega of Being.

By understanding that our journey is to experience the Love of Spirit …
helps us to appreciate that all experience is of a Loving nature, even the
pain, the lows and times of anguish.

The illusion of separation is a gift we received from Spirit, upon entering
this great Cosmic experiment.

A gift to enable us to become more aware of the Unity, the perfect Balance
of the universe.

Come Unity. We emulate the Perfect Balance of God, of Love, of All That
Is. And it is an honor to be able to share and serve our most precious
“Community of Conscious Living”.

Stephen Graves SDC


Oct 7           Abundant Gratitude

Moderator:   Trish Coleman
Meditation:   Stephen Graves
Speaker:    Program Community Participation:  The 4 Directions
Greeter:   Jack Hyatt

Oct 14           Unity Consciousness

Moderator:     Stephen Graves
Meditation:    Daniel and Elvira
Speaker:    Stephanie Leigh
Greeter:    Zsuzsa Harsman

October 21          Empowered Community

Moderator:    Marvelous Trudeau
Meditation:    Carol Douglas
Speaker:    Diana Kuch
Greeter:    Marie Logan

Oct 28           Community Service

Coordinator:    Hendrik de Pagter
Moderator:    Lorna Rennie
Meditator:    Laura Lane
Speaker:    Community Service
Greeter:    Elvira Perrella

Sunday Services in September …….

Theme:  Spiritus



What is happening in the World of Spirit that we are part of right now?

Is it different then it has been in the past? How?

Does religion still play a part in the spiritual lives of people?

How do we feel about the prophecies of this coming age December 21st,

Does the idea of major change in the world bring fear or excitement?

What do we feel is our role in terms of living in Spirit?

Is that working out for each one of us in our daily lives?

Are we listening to our ‘still small voice’? (September 9)

Why not? Why don’t I listen? (September 16)

Is Spirit just about our inner lives or is it about living our life as a whole
person. Thich Nhat Hanh puts spirituality into perspective I believe in
living according to our TRUE NATURE, our HIGHER SELF

“The way we live our daily lives is what most effects the situation of the
world. If we can change our daily lives, then we can change our
governments and can change the world. Our president and governments are
us. They reflect our lifestyle and our way of thinking. The way we hold a
cup of tea, pick up the newspaper or even use toilet paper are directly
related to peace.”

“Each thought, each action in the sunlight of awareness becomes sacred.
In this light, no boundary exists between the sacred and the profane.”

“Peace is present right here and now, in ourselves and in everything we do
and see. The question is whether or not we are in touch with it. We don’t
have to travel far away to enjoy the blue sky. We don’t have to leave our
city or even our neighbourhood to enjoy the eyes of a beautiful child. Even
the air we breathe can be a source of joy.”

“If in our daily life we can smile, if we can be peaceful and happy, not only
we, but everyone will profit from it. If we really know how to live, what
better way to start the day than with a smile? Our smile affirms our
awareness and determination to live in peace and joy. The source of a true
smile is an awakened mind.”

“To think in terms of either pessimism or optimism oversimplifies the
truth. The problem is to see reality as it is.”

The psalmist said ‘Let’s reason together’ says the Lord. OK so what’s that all
about? How do we ‘reason together’ as a group, as a community? (September 23)
Laurence writes “In small group processing, holding respect and integrity at base
or foundation is critical to healthy experience. Both Lindsay and Clive have
experience in working with small groups which have achieved degrees of notable
success. Lindsay has worked with the Head Injury Society, Pandora Arts
Collective and others. Clive has worked with committees on local poverty, filming
projects on mental wellness, and he has worked as member and president of the
Pandora Arts Collective. They bring anecdotes on these experiences in aims of
illustrating a healthy potential.”

Thich Nhat Hanh wrote “It is possible that the next Buddha will not take the form
of an individual. The next Buddha may take the form of a community -a community practicing understanding and loving kindness, a community practicing mindful living. This may be the most important thing we can do for the survival of the earth.”

As a Community how do we express the Spirit-In-Us? (September 30)
“Spirituality isn’t something we create. It just is. It exists in all things, all the time.
It is the essence of who you are. You are spirit expressing itself.” Oprah

— Patricia Coleman and Dancing Wolf –  the SDC working together


Sunday Service Schedule for September 2012

THEME: SPIRITUS                                      

September 2               A Spiritual Conspiracy

Coordinator:                      Patricia Coleman

 Moderator:                          Sanjara Omoniyi

  Meditation:                        Lavana Kilborn

Speakers:                               Catherine Dennison

  Greeter:                                 John De Veer


September 9           The Still Small Voice

Coordinator:                        Sanjara Omoniyi

Moderator:                           Zsuzsa Harsman

Meditator:                             Catherine Denison

Panel of Speakers:            Roland Guenther, Junie Swadron & Sanjara Omoniyi

Greeters:                                Joyanna Wilkinson


September 16             Why Don’t I Listen?

 Coordinator:                        Hendrik de Pagter

   Moderator:                          Don Morris

Meditator:                            John Hutton

Speakers:                              Daniel Ouimet and Esther Hart

Greeter:                                Bernadine Sperling


    September 23            Reasoning Together

 Coordinator:                       Laurence Beal

  Moderator:                          Hendrik de Pagter

  Meditation:                          Pauline Karch

Speaker:                                 Clive Beal and Lindsay Beal

Greeter:                                   Marek Losinski

 September 30             Community Service:  Spirit in Us

 Coordinator:                        Dancing Wolf

  Moderator:                           Dancing Wolf

  Meditation:                           Patricia Coleman

Greeter:                                  Stephen Kinsella

Sunday Services in August …….

Theme:  Summertime


…an’ the livin’ is easy; Fish are jumpin’, an’ the cotton is high.  One of these mornin’s you goin’ to rise up singin’; Then you’ll spread yo’ wings, an’ you’ll take the sky.

Words by DuBose Heyward

This ripening period at the ending of the warmer season is a ‘time out’ for many people in our post-modern culture.  The old days of human community and activities being tied intrinsically to the sowing of seed, growing and harvesting are long left receding into the past.  Yet, organically, we still seem to be oriented in the end of the summer with an expectation for a respite from the toils of the workzone.   Summer Vacation was inculcated in us with the experience of having a break from the school regimen.

With this in mind, we can appreciate Dancing Wolf’s ‘take’ on the August paradigm: Imaginative Aspiration – “While I might desire to be somewhere else this summer and actually go there, I have a stronger longing to travel deeper into my relationship with the mystery that keeps my heart beating, lets the sun give 20,000 times the energy we consume on earth as a species, and gifts me with these sacred senses…yet this same mystery has about it a darkness that appears unfathomable.  My aspiration this summer is to find some peace with this dichotomy, or perhaps just prepare myself for a journey without a destination.”

There then, a road with a mysterious end, we are going to a place with no name, a mystery that unfolds in our engagement.  For further reflections, a few words from Patricia Coleman: “Many times I hear people talk about very special times in their lives that gave them spiritual awakening, clarity, aha aha moments and as we have been reflecting, [we now have] a time to share [these] moments with each other.”

The open space in our minds and hearts may be cleared with the opportunities that come our ways this August.  Just a little bit of effort might be required to set the stage for launching off into wild and exceptional outreaches of human experience.

Submitted by Laurence Beal, SDC


Sunday Service Schedule for August 2012



August 5             Fertile Goals: What Are You Doing This Summer?

Coordinator:                        Hendrik dePagter

 Moderator:                          Lorna Rennie

  Meditation:                         Stephen  Graves

Speakers:                             Marie Logan & Paul Monfette

  Greeter:                               Bernadine Sperling


August 12           Imaginative Aspiration

Coordinator:                        Dancing Wolf

Moderator:                           D Joan Thomas

Meditator:                            Katharina Nolla

Speaker:                               Robert Cerins

Greeters:                             Stephen Graves, Dancing Wolf

Robert Cerins is an Artist and Musician and an Out of the Box kind of guy who will tickle our sense of the sacred.                                     http://www.robertcerins.com/


August 19           On the Road: Journey and Destination

 Coordinator:                         Stephen Kinsella

   Moderator:                           Esther Hart

Meditator:                            Ella Brown

Speaker:                               Joyanna Wilkinson

Greeter:                               Stephen Kinsella


August 26           Summer Reflections – Spirit Awakened

 Community Service: ‘Share your spiritual experiences’

 Coordinator:                       Patricia Coleman

  Moderator:                          Patricia Coleman

  Meditation:                         Susan Blackwood

Greeter:                              Daniel Ouimet

Sunday Services in July …….

Theme:  Word’s Worth: Language and Action

“People just love to play with words.” – Men at Work
“Words … the most powerful drug used by mankind.” – Rudyard Kipling
“Words are alive. Cut them and they bleed.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
“Words have the power to both destroy and heal.” – The Buddha

Word. My word! Words fail me. Words are cheap. Speak your truth. Walk
your talk. Talk him down. The word made flesh. A call to arms. As good as
my word. The word on the street. The oral tradition. The Gutenberg galaxy.
Glyph, cursive, print. Blow hot air, flap your gums. He’s all talk and no
action. Blessings, curses, vows. Sayings, slogans, declarations. Poetry,
fiction, information. Manifesto, propaganda, constitution. Anthem, speech,
proclamation. Extry, extry, read all about it: “In the beginning was the
Word …”

There are those among us who, gazing heavenward, decode the brilliant
amidst the obscure and read the language of the stars: astrologers, the star
(astron) speech (logos) diviners. To one star-talker, the message these
celestial fires speak these coming days is all about language and action and
in July, the Church of Truth will lift a corner of the veil on communication
and activation, the talk and the walk, examining the power, beauty and
perhaps the treachery of words and how they move us in the world.

Submitted by Hendrik de Pagter SDC


July 1      Mother Tongue (First Words of Love)

Coordinator: Patricia Coleman
Moderator: Catherine Dennison
Meditation: John Van Beek
Speakers: Ella Brown & Patti Huot
Greeter: Joyanna Wilkinson

July 8      Speaking Without Tongues

Coordinator: Stephen Kinsella
Moderator: John Hutton
Meditation: Roland Guenther
Speaker: Experiential Selections
Greeter: Janet Taylor

Magdalena–sounds of the Spirit
Bernadine, Paul & Marvelous: Body language
Sharing Photography of Facial Expressions
What are you expressing to others non-verbally?

Despite the primacy given to the spoken and written word, non-verbal
communication is ubiquitous (wink wink, nudge nudge), and the ways we
communicate without words are explored on July 8 in Speaking Without Tongues.
We can never not communicate.

July 15      Manifesto

Coordinator: Hendrik de Pagter
Moderator: Junie Swadron
Meditation: Catherine Denison
Speaker: Joan Hopper
Greeter: Katharina Nolla

Manifesto, will touch the dark and light of an unambiguous form of communication. Perhaps
it will raise for each of us what it is we wish to declare to and about ourselves.
What is our intent?

July 22      Last Words

Coordinator: Dancing Wolf
Moderator: Bob Winkenhower
Meditation: Marek Losinski
Speaker: Don Morris
Greeter: Hendrik de Pagter/Dancing Wolf

We will come to grips with Last Words, the words of gratitude and
forgiveness with which we shuffle off this mortal coil, the painful, poignant,
purposeful and passionate words of truth, love and liberation that I certainly hope
will stumble from my tongue when this earthly journey comes to a close. Purple
prose, yellow journalism.


July 29      On My Word

Coordinator: Laurence Beal
Moderator: Stephen Kinsella
Meditation: Marvelous Trudeau

This is a Community Service
On My Word, will gather us in small
discussion groups to speak our personal insights, the subjective truths of language
and action enriched, emboldened and inspirational in the sharing. In this exercise
in logotherapy, some might share encyclopedic encomiums of tales and deeds and
others may simply share the opinion of the Beatles: “the only word is love.” And
on that truthful note, as expressed in the modern parlance, slang, jargon, argot.
patois, lingo: WORD!


Sunday Services in June …….

Theme:  I Am


The title is I AM. The overall impression I have from our first meeting is that we are looking at I AM from a personal point of view. Am I coming from EGO or SELF ESTEEM? We are discovering I AM with likeminded  people. Then we look to I AM in the greater community? Finally we round it up with how we have found who I AM and healing through Creative Expression.

— Patricia (Trish) Coleman – SDC

June 3   I Am Both Self Esteem?  Ego

Coordinator:                Stephen Kinsella

Moderator:                   Bob Winkenhower

Meditation:                   Stephen Kinsella (music and hold the silence)

Speaker:                          Stephen Kinsella

Greeter:                            Linda Chan


June 10    I Am One with Like-minded People (Birds of a Feather Flock Together)

Coordinator:              Laurence Beal

Moderator:                 Lorna Rennie

Meditation:                 Laurence Beal

Speaker:                        Melanie Lichtinger

Greeter:                         Don Morris


June 17   I Am Here For You – Holding Space

Coordinator:                Hendrik de Pagter

Moderator:                  Elvira Parrella

Meditation:                  Susan Blackwood

Speakers:                      Roland Guenther and Hendrik de Pagter

Greeter:                        Jennifer Sagar

June 24                 Community Service:  I Am Inspired Creativity and Healing

Moderator:                   Dancing Wolf

Meditation:                   Stephen Greaves

Greeter:                          Joyanna Wilkinson

Sunday Services in May …….

Theme:  Who Are We?


We are pondering the question ‘Who are We’ in the month of May.
We can look at this individually ‘Who am I’?
Or we can look at it collectively ‘Who are We?


Collectively we may see ourselves as part of a community/group: or part of the human race: or part of the Cosmos. In looking at ‘who or ‘what’ we are, we may over simplify. (Mind Body and Spirit) However in looking for self-development it appears we may be motivated, yet our inhibitions and fears unravel as we truly discover who we are. If we really want to know ourselves we need to look sincerely and with integrity at our wounds of an emotional, feeling, or psychological nature.

This awareness or self-healing comes when we really want to care for ourselves in every way. There will then be healing of the consciousness. To be a whole, healed, integrated person is the goal. To change as I heal, integrate and grow I return to what I have always known as the ‘real’ me. Oh yes, we have all had the idea given to us of being no more or less than the point of light, or consciousness itself.

Now we will examine the collective ‘We’. Although there are many layers of human social organization from Nations to Provinces to Cities to Religious Groups and Community Organizations we all are all one under the Great Whole of the Cosmic Community. While there is a sense that all of this appears to have order and purpose there is also a sense, beyond our human understanding, of transition towards ONENESS , a coming together. Many are feeling this as individuals.

When a collective of individuals pool their human potential, the reflection of the common focus becomes the visible and identifying quality to those looking from the functional “outside”. When the creative principle is owned and expressed by the collective, instead of a flat or static group identity being formed, the potential for a dynamic and fairly incomprehensible fullness defies final and limited identification.

We can create way beyond the past proofs of accomplishment, in owning this potency for creation.

—-Laurence Beal, SDC

May 6    The Heart of the Matter

Coordinator:                Marvelous Trudeau

Moderator:                   Brian Martin

Meditation:                   Brian Martin

Speaker:                          Kelsang Zopa

Brian will create a ceremony of sorts to honour the full moon Festival of Wesak.
In the East it is the great celebration of the Buddha.

May 13    Social Integrity

Coordinator:              Laurence Beal

Moderator:                 Laurence Beal

Meditation:                 Laurence Beal

Panel:              Winnie the Pooh, Eyore, Piglet, Rabbit (maybe Christopher Robin)

Laurence is hoping to elicit the support of members in giving voice to views of the panel.
Material available for gaining these characteristic perspectives is found this time in the book The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff.

May 20   Re:  Communication Subtleties

Coordinator:                Bernadine Sperling

Moderator:                   Bernadine Sperling

Meditation:                  Jennifer Sager – musical meditation

Speakers:                      Jennifer Sager and Hendrik dePagter


May 27                 Community Service:  Dream Myself Home

Coordinator:                Susan Blackwood

Moderator:                   Susan Blackwood

Meditation:                   TBA


Sunday Services in April …….

Theme:  In Transition

The SDC this year has had great input from our astrologist Laurence Beal. He often has given us insights that have led to the topics that we as a group have chosen. For April he found that there was change and turmoil in the heavens and the topic ‘In Transition’ was chosen.

It is my turn to do the write up. Confusion is right!–What do I write about concerning Transition?  I thought about Birth and Death as two of the important transitions we make.

Later it occurred to me that we are always in transition. There is a sense in which there is no present time! There is also a sense in which there is no time but the present. The present time is the invisible point between the past and the future. It begins to pass away before it has come into existence; that which less than a moment ago was future has now already receded into the past. In this sense; in time there are only past and future. The present is merely the hinge on which they turn.

So I propose that we are always ‘in transition’. Perhaps some events in our lives are more outstanding then others. For me it was probably leaving home for the first time to live in residence at Toronto Western Hospital for my nursing training. Living with over 60 girls was a huge transition. Seeing life begin in Obstetrics; the difficult transitions patients were making because of illness and ultimately their final transition when the soul left their mortal bodies. That was quite a lot of transition to witness in my late teens and early twenties. Then there was the transition of becoming married and the births of my 4 children and on and on our transitions continue. I have had many spiritual transitions until I have come to a place of it all ‘Just Is.’

I don’t have to believe anything. I don’t have to do anything. I don’t have to be anything. In Time and Eternity I just am. The transitions continue Right now I have forever because the only time there is, is ‘RIGHT NOW’ The paradox again –To live each moment to the full but know I have forever. I AM one with the Oneness but I am Patricia Anne living out a human existence in this body at the same time.

—- Patricia Coleman, SDC

April 1    Breakthrough

Coordinator:                Marvelous Trudeau

Moderator:                   Marvelous Trudeau

Meditation:                   Zsuzsa Harsman

Speakers – Panel:         Carl C. Mashon, BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres and Brent Ullerick, Festival Entertainment Producer

Greeter:                           TBA

April 8    Transition / Easter

Coordinator:              Trish Coleman

Facilitator:                  Trish Coleman

Speakers:                      30 members of our community

Greeter:                        Janet Taylor

April 15   Deep Love at Work

Coordinator:                Bernadine Sperling

Moderator:                   Bernadine Sperling

Meditation:                   Norm Smookler

Speakers – Panel:        Roland Guenther and Sanjara Omoniyi

Greeter:                          Katharina Nolla

April 22   Stewardship – An Earth Day Service

Coordinator:                Susan Blackwood

Moderator:                   Susan Blackwood

Meditation:                   Silent

Speaker:                          Earth Day with Special Ceremony and sharing time with Susan

Music:                              Robin Gillmor leading us in chants and singing

Greeter:                           Paul Monfette

April 29                 Generosity / Deep Pockets

Community Service

Coordinator                  Laurence Beal

Moderator:                    Laurence Beal

Meditation:                    Hold the Silence

Greeter:                           TBA

Sunday Services in March …….

Theme:  The “I” Within the Storm

This month is an invitation to all to look more deeply at that “I” within the storm and where we reside on the spectrum. Is it our pattern to want freedom from the storm(s) of life, or peace within them?

With Love, Blessings and Gratitude to each and every one of you.

Submitted by Bernadine Sperling, SDC

March 4    Steady As She Goes

Coordinator:                Laurence Beal

Moderator:                   Hendrik de Pagter

Singing Invocation:    Jennifer Sager

Meditation:                   Silent (Moderator holds space)

Speakers:                        Gordon and Heather Thurston

Greeter:                            Laurence Beal

March 11    Love is the Way Home

Coordinator:              Trish Coleman

Moderator:                 Esther Hart

Meditation:                 Catherine Denison

Speaker:                        Trish Coleman

Greeter:                        Pat Miller

March 18    Finding New Ground – Spring Equinox

Service conducted by Brian Martin and Nikki Menard

Coordinator:           Bernadine Sperling

Greeter:                     Bernadine Sperling

March 25    Re-centering

Community Service

Coordinator                  Marvelous Trudeau

Moderator:                    Hendrik de Pagter

Meditation:                    Jennifer Sager

Greeter:                           TBA

Sunday Services in February …….

Theme: Structure and Freedom

So, what is my relationship or thoughts about structure and freedom? Outwardly they seem to be completely different experiences. We could call them by different names: Form and formless, solid and fluid, emptiness and expansiveness. Perhaps like the yin yang symbol, one cannot live without the other.

My dance between structure and freedom has been a long one. I discovered after many trials and errors while creating retreats, talks, lectures and ceremonies that there are many ways to prepare for them. With experimentation, I have done them tightly organized down to the last word, or I have gone into the situation and just winged it. I was trying to find my path to the most effective way of public speaking and sharing of ideas. But mostly I was looking for a way to be comfortable and feel safe.

I have worked with groups that have seemed to not need tight structure. They have loosely had a format, no one was in charge, they did not have a set timeframe and they made.

Working with groups in whatever capacity has affirmed that I work best when I have laid the whole event out. I will either write it down or at the least have a firm picture in my mind of the beginning, middle and end. I feel safe when I have that in place. Looking at the great motivational speakers of our times, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Marianne Williamson, Anthony Robbins and Deepak Chopra, they always appear to be winging it, they do not have notes or appear to be reading from a script. I have always thought they are winging it. But research has shown me that is not the truth. They have created the talk, worked it through, read it many times, tweaked and then gone out and delivered it seamlessly.

As I develop structure in presentations and talks, the more time I put into the detail the more I can let go and improvise and flow with the energy of the group when presenting at an event. I have experienced it over and over again. Without the structure, I do not have the safety to be free from form, l feel unsure and lost. I have come to realize that within structure creativity lives, formlessness speaks and flow comes out of it to be put into structure once again in another form. I can’t have one without the other. We are all individual in how we do life, some have more yin than yang or vice a versa. So my question for you this month is how do you dance between structure and freedom?

Submitted by Susan Blackwood, SDC


February 5    Poem — Aid for Changing

Coordinator:                Laurence Beal

Moderator:                   Laurence Beal

Meditation:                 Instumental soundtrack

Speaker:                    Dancing Wolf and Pauline Karch

Greeter:                   Patti Huot + Pat Chapman

Feb 12th    Insight / Reflection

Coordinator:              Marvelous Trudeau

Moderator:                 John Hutton

Meditation:                 Bernadine Sperling

Speaker:                        Anthony Hamilton

Greeter:                       Marvelous Trudeau

February 19    The Healing Power of Compassion

Coordinator:                Patricia Coleman

Moderator:                  Bob Winkenhower

Meditation:                 Linda Chan

Speakers:                   Hendrik de Pagter  & Catherine Denison

Greeter:                     Sharon Schroeder

February 26    Structure and Freedom

Community Service

Coordinator                  Susan Blackwood

Moderator:                   Brian Martin

Meditation:                   Patti Huot

Greeter:                          Bernadine Sperling

Sunday Services in January…….

Theme: The Tribe

January 1 New beginnings – A special New Years Service

Coordinator:                Susan Blackwood

Facilitator:                   Susan Blackwood

Meditation:                 Silent (Facilitator holds the space)

January 8th Music Transcends Time Space and Place

Coordinator:              Patricia Coleman

Moderator:                 Trish Coleman

Meditation:                 Sanjara Omoniyi

Speaker:                        Shivon Robinson

Greeter:                       Bernadine Sperling

January 15 Spiritual Family

Coordinator:                Bernadine Sperling

Moderator:                  Bernadine Sperling

Meditation:                 Silent  (Moderator holds the space)

Speakers:                     Sanjara Omoniyi and Roland Guenther

January 22 Agape: In the Modern Village

Coordinator                  Laurence Beal

Moderator:                   Carol Douglas

Meditation:                   Silent  (Moderator holds the space)

Panel Speakers:           Laura Lane, Stephen Kinsella & Patti Huot

Greeter:                          Laurence Beal

January 29 Passion for Life – Community Service

Coordinator:               Marvelous Trudeau

Moderator:                 Marvelous Trudeau