2015 Services


Sunday Services in December …….


Our December theme can be seen on two levels. On the archetypal level, moving into the light involves our journey from the darkness of the womb, and the dark periods of our lives (that we fight against but learn from), into a greater Light, the light of Soul and selfless service.

On the level of ancestry and ritual, we should remember that December was a time of great anxiety for our distant ancestors, since they did not have our certainty that longer days would reappear.  The offerings they made to persuade the light to return, including fires and decorated trees, are the origin of many of the customs we continue today. On both levels of meaning it seems appropriate to consider what the darkness is that we need to bring light to, and how we bring light to it. Submitted by Troi Leonard & Chris Bullock, SDC


December 6 2nd Advent Sunday, Respecting the Dark

  • Coordinator: Chris Bullock
  • Moderator: John Vanden Heuvel
  • Meditation: Junie Swadron
  • Speaker: Laurie Noble
  • Greeter: Elsie Mary Polinquin

December 13 3rd Advent Sunday, Vision Quest

  • Coordinator: Bill Israel
  • Moderator: Bill Israel
  • Meditation: Laura Lane’s Musical Quartet
  • Speaker: Hilary Marks
  • Greeter: TBA

December 20 The Coming of the Light, A Solstice Christmas Celebration

  • Coordinator: Jack Hyatt / Event produced by Sanjara
  • Moderator: Don Morris
  • Meditation: Jennifer Sagar
  • Speaker: Sister Eileen Curtis
  • Greeter: Ella Brown

December 27 Celebrating the Light, Community Service

  • Coordinator : Marvelous Trudeau
  • Moderator: Lorna Rennie
  • Meditation: Marvelous Trudeau
  • Greeter: TBA

Description of Services

Just as the increasing darkness of the earlier part of December is a part of the cycle of nature, so some dark and difficult places are inevitably a part of everyone’s lives. The key issue is what we do in those places? Denial of the dark does not work. Denial of the vision that we are all beings of the light equally does not work. So the question is: how do we respect the dark and still keep that vision?

December 6

Respecting The Dark Presenter: Laurie Noble is the mother of two sons, both born on Salt Spring Island. From Salt Spring, the family moved to the Shuswap, and for the last four years Laurie has lived on Vancouver Island. Though she presently lives in Chemainus, she has been able to attend the Church of Truth from time to time. She most recently worked as a technician in an optometry office. Serious illness has challenged Laurie to find a way of respecting the darkness represented by her illness while maintaining hope, courage and vision. This aspect of her journey is what she will focus on in her presentation.

December 13

Hilary Marks is a member of the Social Inclusion Committee for the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness. A homeless person herself for several years, Hilary is now an active member of the Speaker’s Bureau for the Greater Victoria Homelessness Coalition.  She will speak about her life experience and the narrative of her personal life transitions. Her story includes the work she does now with the homeless population of Victoria. Hilary has an engaging narrative that is a living version of the Vision Quest theme for this service.

December 20

Eileen Curteis, a Sister of Saint Ann, is a Reiki Master teacher and practitioner, who has treated and taught thousands of people over the last 23 years.  After the closure of Queensland Retreat and Spirituality Centre where she had worked for 17 years, Eileen carried on the legacy of the former Queenswood by obtaining a 15 year trademark for Queenswood School of Reiki. She then went on to establish, with the help of other dedicated women, the Queenswood Holistic Healing and Spirituality Society. Preceding this, Sister Eileen was a teacher, principal, and educator for 27 years. Her greatest passion lies in her healing ministry, and in the literary arts. She has authored 12 books to date, and has become an accomplished poet, artist, and writer, as well as being a

producer of six CDs and three films.


Sunday Services in November …….

Theme: Conflict to Harmony

Without a doubt, everyone encounters conflicting situations and conditions. In fact, it seems to be built in to human dynamics challenging us to seek solutions leading toward Harmony and Well Being. The choices we face today are testing the very fabric of our existence, to heal and share the bounty of our earth and each other.
These solutions are always based on an inclusion of the ‘Love of the Heart,’ as true love understands and sees all from a Souls perspective, gaining a deeper understanding of ourselves and each other as a part of one body, one mind, and one heart.
‘What you do to another, you also do to yourself’’…holds true at all times, leading us out of pain and ignorance, guiding us toward harmless living and compassion, as the ‘Spirit of Peace’ prevails, undaunted by the conflicts evidenced within and without.
Divine intelligence is present…this very moment…in conscious remembering…conscious knowing …and conscious oneness …of all that is…and all that will be. Learning to build bridges, not walls, is the key to Harmony with all Life. Right communication leads to communion of Spirit.
Submitted by Troi Leonard, SDC


November 1 Conflict to Harmony

  • Coordinator: Troi Leonard
  • Moderator: Ella Brown
  • Meditation: Brian Martin
  • Speaker: Junie Swadron
  • Greeter: Paul Monfette

November 8 Facing the Crisis for Soul

  • Coordinator: Chris Bullock
  • Moderator: Moneca Gabriel
  • Meditation: Sanjara Omoniyi
  • Speaker: Sue Clough
  • Greeter: Laurie Noble

November 15 Into the Battle for the Soul Community Service

  • Coordinator Don Morris
  • Moderator Laura Lane
  • Meditator Lawrence Beal
  • Greeter Marie Logan

November 22 The Transformation Process

  • Coordinator Marvelous Trudeau
  • Moderator Marie Logan
  • Meditator Elsie Mary Poliquin
  • Speaker Michael Madrone
  • Greeter Laurie Noble

November 29 The Victorious Soul

  • Coordinator: Colin Lee
  • Moderator: Pat Miller
  • Meditation: Bill Israel
  • Speaker: Trevor Oram
  • Greeter: Laurie Noble

Description of Services

November 1

There is nothing as inevitable as CHANGE…

The adaptability to change is a continually unfolding process, that is deeply embedded in nature and therefore also in humanity. In our unwillingness and resistance do so lie the majority of problems facing many relationships today.

The major culprit in this regard is our mind, so set in its ways that, due to its fear of uncertainty and loss of control, has fostered habits and patterns that severely limit the choices available for healthy and open communion. One such example is the condition known as Arthritis, which is the result of opinionated, inflexible views and actions carried over from our past, crystallized in our joints.

The logical steps to adopt is an ‘open mind,’ and wider perspective, free from assumptions and judgments, allowing the ‘Heart’ to flow unconditionally and without reservation, letting ‘love and trust’ demonstrate solutions that the mind, holding on to outdated belief, is unable to perceive.

The willingness to change comes from the ‘recognition’ that something I am struggling with, will continue to plague me and repeat itself endlessly, bringing both pain and suffering to myself and others, and so, become the ‘reason and truth’ to act accordingly.

It demonstrates ‘compassion’ in the greater good.

Question to ask are…what and where are my beliefs and attitudes creating limitations and unhealthy conditions in my life and relationships… ???


November 8

Whether as an educator massage therapist, or spiritual guide, Sue’s interest has been in the area of growing into greater consciousness and authenticity. Ordinary daily living, being at the gym, reading poetry, writing her memoirs or in choral singing, travelling or photographing autumn leaves are all ways through which Sue seeks meaning and greater aliveness. For many years, she has facilitated workshops and retreats on various aspects of the human /spiritual journey and values being present with others as we journey together.


November 22
Michael MadroneMichael Madrone is a teacher, writer, translator, natural health practitioner and meditator. For more than 35 years he has explored these topics with enthusiasm. He has studied in both western and eastern medical systems. His quests have taken him across the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, India, Thailand and Nepal.

He was a body-mind therapist and teacher for 27 years, helping to empower people regarding their pain and wellness issues. He now practices mantra healing. He has taught and spoken at conferences internationally. Michael is the author of “It Doesn’t Have To Hurt So Much” and “Non Deve Fare Così Male”. (Practical guides using meditation and mindfulness for managing pain and suffering.)

For more than 30 years Michael has maintained a daily meditation practice. He has studied and practiced with numerous great meditation masters and teachers including HH the Dalai Lama, HH Sakya Trizin, HH Sakya Dagchen, HE Gyana Vajra Rinpoche, Geshe Tashi Namgyal, Kalu Rinpoche, Ludhing Khenchen Rinpoche, Serkong Rinpoche, Tzong Rinpoche, Chogye Trichen Rinpoche, Dezchung Rinpoche, Geshe Nawang Dhargye, Lama Thubten Yeshe, Tai Situ Rinpoche, Khenchen Geshe Sherab Amipa,

Tulku Dorje Dhenpa, Dr. Nida Chenagtsang and Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche among others.

He is an ordained ngakpa, having been initiated into the Sakya lineage by Sakya Dagchen Rinpoche


Sunday Services in October …….

Theme: A Search for Balanced Living

It is rather a continual process of adjustments in a constantly changing environment …one action leading to a compensating
other, and it is these fluctuations that require attention and balance.

The statement of “As you sow, so shall you reap”, speaks of balancing your inspirations and actions with a deep sense of
knowing that all will return to its source, the most important being the “intention” with which it was released and activated.
In the triangle of Libra, the blindfolded Oracle holds the “scales”, which points out that “equilibrium”, the higher point of
balance, is the way of wisdom and love, the head and the heart, focused intention, and a good measure of determined will.
Consistency is the key to success.

It may be said that attaining a measure of balance is a challenge worthy of love expressed, leading to an unexpected sense of
deepening peace.

Submitted by Troi Leonard

October 4 What is Balanced Living

  • Coordinator: Jack Hyatt
  • Moderator: Lorna Rennie
  • Meditation: Elsie Mary Poliquin
  • Speaker: Julia Abraham
  • Greeter: Ella Brown

October 11 Walking the Path Between Spirit and Matter

  • Coordinator: Marvelous Trudeau
  • Moderator: Sanjara Omoniyi
  • Meditation: Jennifer Sagar
  • Speaker: Mark Rock
  • Greeter: Leonard Thornton

October 18 What is the Effect of Balanced Living

  • Coordinator: Chris Bullock
  • Moderator: Chris Bullock
  • Meditation: Cynthia Pattison
  • Speaker: Michael Tacon
  • Greeter: Daniel Ouimet

October 25 What Does Balanced Living Mean to Me ??? Community Service

  • Coordinator: Don Morris
  • Moderator: Paul Monfette
  • Meditation: Anandayogiji and Jaya Lakshmi
  • Greeter: TBA

Sunday Services in September …….

Theme: Being of Service

Astrologically speaking, Virgo, embodying the Earth Mother, focuses us on the issue of being of service –to ourselves, to
others, to the earth. Service is the next step after preparing for soul work, because service is the keynote of the soul in action.
Like all archetypes, Virgo has qualities which are problematic as well as qualities which are enabling. The intense focus and urge
to service which Virgo embodies can easily get lost in the byways of the over- intellectual mind, the by-ways of perfectionism and judgmental criticism. But the Virgo gift of intellectual discrimination, intellect used in the service of the heart, allows understanding of how spirit is calling one to serve (what an August speaker, Eileen Curteis, described as recognizing the “inner necessity”), and also allows us to recognize the “outer necessity” of understanding the needs of the times that we live in.

Submitted by Chris Bullock and Troi Leonard, SDC

September 6 Letting Go of Perfectionism

  • Coordinator: Don Morris
  • Moderator: Catherine Denison
  • Meditation: Marie Logan
  • Speaker: Sheahan Letondre
  • Greeter: Jennifer Hastie

September 13 Healing the Critical Mind

  • Coordinator: Troi Leonard
  • Moderator: Bob Winkenhower
  • Meditation: Laura Lane & Troi Leonard
  • Speaker: Bill Israel
  • Greeter: Joyanna Wilkinson

September 20 The Invisible Necessity

  • Coordinator: Marvelous Trudeau
  • Moderator: Brian Martin
  • Meditation: Marvelous Trudeau
  • Speaker: Alan Stibbard
  • Greeter: Michelle Pedersen

September 27 Community Service: Serving the Visible Necessity

  • Coordinator: Jack Hyatt
  • Moderator: Peggy Muncaster
  • Meditation: Cedona Holly
  • Greeter: TBA

Sunday Services in August …….

Theme: Preparing For Soul Work

Astrologically, the end of July and most of August is governed by the sun, and the archetypes of the lion and the king. The sun
is a symbol of the heart, and there is a theme here of courage, of the courage to express whatever it is we need to express.
However, these archetypes have more than one side. The lion and the king are symbols of courage and wisdom, but are also
symbols of the personality that wants to lead, to rule, to have the final say. Here, the personality comes in conflict with the soul,
the part of us that receives messages from spirit and truly knows where we need to go. So preparing for soul work, re-orienting
towards soul, involves transforming courage from a quality that serves ego into a quality that allows us to confront our wounds
and find our authentic expression.

Submitted by Chris Bullock & Troi Leonard, SDC

August 2 Diving Into Self

  • Coordinator: Jack Hyatt
  • Moderator: Ella Brown
  • Meditation: Lynn Gordon
  • Speaker: Sister Eileen Curteis
  • Greeter: Lou Hammond

August 9 Gathering Courage

  • Coordinator: Troi Leonard
  • Moderator: Jennifer Sagar
  • Meditation: Marvelous Trudeau
  • Speaker: Brandy Gallagher
  • Greeter: Joanna Wilkinson

August 16 The Wounded Healer

  • Coordinator: Don Morris
  • Moderator: Hendrick DePagter
  • Meditation: Timber Wolf
  • Speaker: Frances Litman
  • Greeter: TBA

August 23 Expression Through the Arts

  • Coordinator: Chris Bullock
  • Moderator: Chris Bullock
  • Meditation: D. Joan Thomas
  • Speakers: Volunteer writers and other artists
  • Greeter: Elsie Poliquin 4

August 30 Community Service – “Soul Expression”

  • Coordinator: Marvelous Trudeau
  • Moderator: Lorna Rennie
  • Meditation: Valerie French
  • Greeter: Ella Brown

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Sunday Services in July …….


Eternal Love is the Keynote of Motherhood
The gift of Motherhood cannot be understated for in the months of gestation the unborn child is provided for and nurtured in
ways that to this day remain a mystery. It is the first of many acts of selfless sacrifice which shape and form the rest of our
life. We also know that in many cases this time period can be fraught with pain, anguish and uncertainty, even rejection. Yet it
must be said that the Soul chooses the bearer and caretaker no matter the circumstances. The Mothers’ of Humanity who give
birth to humankinds’ future hopes and destiny belong to the Divine Mother of the Earth and share in her role as custodian of
all kingdoms residing upon and within her.
Submitted by Troi Leonard, SDC

July 5 Moving Through Fear and Insecurity

  • Coordinator: Jack Hyatt
  • Moderator: Peggy Muncaster
  • Meditation: Elsie Mary Poliquin
  • Speakers: D. Joan Thomas, Deborah Hawkey & Joyanna Wilkinson
  • Greeter: Sanjara Omoniyi

July 12 Creating a Loving Environment

  • Coordinator: Troi Leonard
  • Moderator: Moneca Gabriel
  • Meditation: Sanjara Omoniyi
  • Speaker: Sanjara Omoniyi
  • Greeter: Paul Monfette

July 19 Taking Care of Business

  • Coordinator: Marvelous Trudeau
  • Moderator: Catherine Denison
  • Meditation: Marvelous Trudeau
  • Speaker: Sister Patricia Shreenan
  • Greeter: Elsie Mary Poliquin

July 26 Giving Birth to Love: Community Service

  • Coordinator: Chris Bullock
  • Moderator: Moneca Gabriel
  • Meditator: Ocean Flo
  • Greeter: Marvelous Trudeau

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Sunday Services in June …….

Theme: Communication with All Life

Communication is essential to understand Self and Others, getting from here to there and developing the ability to be
Creative. Without this capacity we feel cut off from Life. We then become a loner, wandering aimlessly lost in
meaninglessness. Communication is multidimensional in scope… utilizing images, words, spoken and written, gestures,
music and dance, our six senses, and ultimately, telepathic communion with every form and level of Life and Intelligence.

How can we understand Self and one another? Acknowledge needs and wishes if we don’t share our thoughts, feelings and
emotions? Holy Creator designed us to communicate.

Submitted by Troi Leonard SDC

June 7 Passion, Intention, and the Public Good

  • Coordinator: Jack Hyatt
  • Moderator: Hendrik de Pagter
  • Meditation: Cedona Holly
  • Speaker: Diane Perry
  • Greeter: Ella Brown

June 14 Struggling to Understand

  • Coordinator: Marvelous Trudeau
  • Moderator: Brian Martin
  • Meditation: Jennifer Sager
  • Speaker: Dr. Deanna Geddo
  • Greeter: TBA

June 21 Effective Communication

  • Coordinator: Chris Bullock
  • Moderator: Chris Bullock
  • Meditation: Lynn Gordon
  • Speaker: Rachelle Lamb
  • Greeter: Joyanna Wilkinson

June 28 Harmony in Action

  • Coordinator: Troi Leonard
  • Moderator: Troi Leonard
  • Speaker: Renee Lindstrom
  • Meditator: Renee Lindstrom
  • Greeter: Pat Miller

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Sunday Services in May …….

Theme: The Triumph of Light

This month’s theme is directly related to the ‘Forces of Enlightenment,’ which work with the Light of God, emanating
from the ‘Heart of God,’ to strengthen those that work to love and serve humanity.

It was the great eastern Avatar, the Buddha, who embodied the Light, expressed the Wisdom of God, and indicated Divine
Purpose. His teachings and life path have removed the ‘Veil of Illusion,’ so that we might see the Truth. The keynote of this
time is…

“I see, and when the Eye is Opened, All is Light.”

Those, willing and able to see, are faced with the task of removing their own obstacle, which has inserted itself between
the personality and the Soul, piercing the veil, and revealing that which is ‘Real’ from what is not, thereby helping to free the
divisions between people, groups and nations.

One of the greatest of challenges being faced today is our ‘Imprisonment in Matter.’ Whether in thought, emotion, or
form, most of our ‘suffering’ is due to our blinded adherence to beliefs and desires, mostly based on past conditioning, which
keep us stuck to the wheel (Karma – Cause and Effect) of repetition, until WE CHOOSE to LIBERATE ourselves, in spite
of difficult life challenges.

The Buddha conveyed desirelessness and non – attachment, plus compassion to All Beings as a way to Liberation.

Meditate on Light Divine entering the Crown of your Head, flowing into your etheric brain (the brains blueprint/double), and
then into your physical brain and neuron activity, flowing down into the core of your Heart until overflowing, irradiating every
cell and atom of your energy bodies, before radiating out into a needy world. Feel the Joy and Gratitude of doing so.

Submitted by Troi Leonard, SDC

May 3 Preparing the Temple

  • Co-ordinator: Troi Leonard
  • Moderator: Paul Monfette
  • Speaker: Pierre Morais
  • Meditator: Pierre Morais
  • Greeter: Jessica Frances

May 10 Let the Chalice be Filled

  • Coordinator: Peggy Muncaster
  • Moderator: Joyanna Wilkinson
  • Meditation: Linda Chan
  • Speaker: Laurel Circle
  • Greeter: Paul Monfette

May 17 Working with Light (Light Lessons from the Laughing Buddha)

  • Coordinator: Don Morris
  • Moderator: Marvelous Trudeau
  • Speaker: Diana Kuch
  • Meditation: Colin Lee
  • Greeter: TBA

May 24 Living Compassion

  • Coordinator: Moneca Gabriel
  • Moderator: Moneca Gabriel
  • Meditation: Pauline Karch
  • Speaker: Jennifer Tenant
  • Greeter: Alison MacKinnon

May 31 Illumination-The Light of Truth 

  • Coordinator: Laura Lane
  • Moderator: Stephen Graves
  • Meditation: Renata Young (music meditation)
  • Greeter: Laura Lane

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Sunday Services in April …….

Theme: The Creative Power of Life

Within us lies the ultimate, creative, energetic of our beingness: LIFE ITSELF!! Like an engine it propels the self into ever
expanding forms. It too is LOVE at work magnetically unifying all forms into a cohesive whole.

In partnership with LIFE (the fiery animating principle within every living form), co-exists the intelligence of creative activity:
musicality and potentiality. Bound together by the mysterious power of Love, they create the multiplicities and diversities of
this world and future worlds to come!

It is our birthright as co-creators with Source/God to help transform, magnify and beautify our existence… and we do so
by opening to ‘divine inspiration from within.’ When we allow self to be guided by the intuitive nature of Soul expressing its
creative passion and wisdom we fulfill our human and divine potential.

Submitted by Troi Leonard, SDC~ edited by Don Morris

April 5 Community Service – The Spirit of Easter – A Celebration Followed by Pot Luck
This service is meant to honour Trish Coleman – of Blessed Memory- and her contributions to our Community.

  • Coordinators: Sanjara Omoniyi & Moneca Gabriel
  • Moderator: Sanjara Ominiyi
  • Meditator: Sanjara Ominiyi
  • Speakers: Members of Our Community
  • Greeters: Marie Logan & Don Morris

Note: This service may last a little longer than usual

April 12 Initiating Action: Hitting Resistance

  • Coordinator: Colin Lee
  • Moderator: Marek Marcus
  • Meditator: Troi Leonard and the Men’s Circle
  • Speaker: Lynn Gordon
  • Greeter: Gisel Bechard

April 19 Union of Spirit & Matter

  • Coordinator: Don Morris
  • Moderator: Junie Swadron
  • Meditator: Paul Monfette
  • Speaker: Tegan Forbes
  • Greeters: Daniel Ouimet & Sanjara Omoniyi

April 26 Community Service – Claiming Dynamic Leadership

  • Coordinator: Troi Leonard
  • Moderator: Marvelous Trudeau
  • Meditator: Troi Leonard
  • Speaker: Rod Keays
  • Greeter: Lou Hammond

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Sunday Services in March …….

Theme: Culmination – The Victory of Love

“Conquer your circumscribed consciousness and expand your spiritual powers without limit. You can go as far as you want to
go, past all limitations, and live a supremely victorious existence.“

“Love is the divine power of attraction in creation that harmonizes, unites, binds together…Those who live in tune with the attractive force of love achieve harmony with nature and their fellow beings.“Paramahansa Yogananda

These two combined quotes from Paramahansa Yogananda seem to nicely express the theme for March services at the Church of Truth. As winter falls away and burgeoning new life manifests, we feel a resonance with that part of the cycle of life that is a culmination and release of the past, and a welcoming and acceptance of creative unfoldment to the Divine impulse within us all.

Respectfully submitted by Peggy Muncaster, SDC

March 1 Dying of the Old Self

  • Coordinator: Don Morris
  • Moderator: Marie Logan
  • Speaker: Renee Lindstrom
  • Meditation: John Vanden Heuvel
  • Special Musical Guest: Joseph Martin

Renee’s presentation will reflect upon the attitude of ‘learning to learn’ with the intention to ‘go beyond what you think you lready know with more ease and grace.’

March 8 Going into the Void

  • Co-ordinator: Peggy Muncaster
  • Moderator: Peggy Muncaster
  • Speaker: Greg Skala
  • Meditation: Jennifer Sagar
  • Greeter: Bernadine Sperling

March 15 The Victory of Love

  • Coordinator: Laura Lane and Colin Lee
  • Moderator: Lorna Rennie
  • Meditation Brian (and music with Laura)
  • Speaker: Cedona Holly
  • Greeter: Ella Brown

Cedona will share with us her understanding of the process that occurs from the tumultuous struggle of the self to stay the same to a true and deep letting go; a surrender to the Divine Love and all it entails. She speaks from a profound personal experience of this transformation that stays with her today. A transformation that changed the ultimate direction of her life.
March 22 Divine Child Emerging

  • Co-ordinator: Troi Leonard
  • Moderator: D.Joan Thomas
  • Speaker: Chris Bullock
  • Meditator: Troi Leonard
  • Greeter: Marie Logan

March 29 World Service Community Service

  • Coordinator: Moneca Gabriel
  • Moderator: Elvira Perrella
  • Meditation: Pauline Karch
  • Greeter: Marie Logan

As the first two aspects of the Divine Trinity are the Mother and the Father Divine, then their offspring is the Divine Child …the soul of Humanity. It is the Soul that balances the energy of Spirit (father) and of matter (mother). It expresses both with its nature…Love/Wisdom.

What we are witnessing worldwide is the ‘transformational power’ of the Soul essence…some calling it magic…revealing reality and truth in making wiser choices, expressing beauty and creativity of all inspiring awe…it is the Soul that gives us glimpses of a world without war, a world free from enslavement and suffering.

What is also being witnessed is the resistance to such changes, and all the pain and sacrifice evidenced in every kingdom of nature…the birth giving process of the Divine Child Emerging is taking place in every one of us…it is our Hearts crying out to be heard and listened to…to continue to further our self-destructive behavior or act from love and compassion, healing ourselves and each other.

In the depth of each of us, a divine child cries out and sings its song of Joy and Life. I recommend reading …The Secret Within, No-Nonsense Spirituality for the Curious Soul….by Annemarie Postma.

Read more about the speakers … March Lighthouse


Sunday Services in February …….

Theme: Collective Consciousness

The words ‘collective consciousness’ imply that the consciousness we speak of is that of a group, not of an individual. It also indicates that the collective group is linked together, in thought and in mind.

It has been suggested that if our earth and all its inhabitants represented a human being, than humanity as a whole would be its brain, and if that were so, than all of our ideas, words spoken, and actions taken, past present and future to come…are all part of a greater whole, including imagination and memory,
motivation and expression…all that defines us and gives us meaning.

Collective consciousness holds us accountable to our actions and deeds as brothers and sisters of one family, humanity…and even more so, to include all other forms of life present on earth, to be included in the choices we make that will affect everything and everyone.

Collective consciousness, if truly acknowledged and respected, will open the door to working together towards peace, harmony, and communion of our essential oneness.

Submitted by Troi Leonard SDC

February 1 Mindfulness and Contemplation

  • Coordinator: Laura Lane
  • Moderator: Pat Miller
  • Speaker: Kalsang Zopa
  • Meditation: Kalsang Zopa
  • Greeter: Marie Logan

February 8 Harmlessness & Nurturing – A Male Perspective

  • Coordinator: Don Morris
  • Moderator: Stephen Graves
  • Meditator: Lynn Gordon
  • Panelists: Chris Bullock, Pierre Morais, & Rick Fortier
  • Greeter: Marek Markus

February 15 Divine Expressed; the Goddess Within

  • Coordinator: Moneca Gabriel
  • Moderator: Moneca Gabriel
  • Meditation: Elsie Mary Poliquin
  • Speakers: Layla Hull & Sanjara Omoniyi
  • Greeter: Gisel Bechard

February 22 Planetary Emergence and Group Service

  • Coordinator: Troi Leonard
  • Moderator: Bob Winkenhower
  • Meditator: Blair Little
  • Speaker: Blair Little
  • Greeter: Peggy Muncaster

Sunday Services in January …….

Theme: “Being”… of Service

In wishing to define these words and their relationship with each other, I am suddenly Silenced…and in a place without words…seeking, feeling and sensing…a place of silent reflection.

And now I begin to Realize that Being of Service is without doubt, the very meaning of our lives…the truth, per se… of our endless struggle to find fulfillment and happiness. Amidst having relationships, families and children, while establishing businesses for gain and shared exchange, while engaging in every form of inspired expression…it all leads to the same terminus…to Be the Love that you are, and express that love and passion into Service.

Being of Service has no boundaries or definition, for it can be the simple act of a friendly glance, an encouraging word, a healing touch. It can also be exercising the power to influence decisions being made, taking the fight into the realms of Political, Economic, and Social Arenas…fighting corporate greed and political manipulation.

What stirs a person to risk their lives at the forefront of the ‘Ebola Crisis?’

“Being”…of Service, is about Opening Ones Heart and becoming an active worker in the battle against poverty, loneliness, and depression. One is willing to walk to a different Drummer, to step on the path that few have trodden.

Please take a moment to reconnect to the Stillness within, and know yourself to be a ‘divine mediator’. Commune between Heaven (Spirit) and Earth, offering a deep feeling of gratitude in the Service to the Source of Being – the Oneness that Is.

Honoring the Sacred,
Troi Leonard SDC

January 4 A New Beginning

  • Coordinator: Troi Leonard
  • Moderator: Henrik de Pagter
  • Meditation: Julia Day / Laura Lane
  • Speaker: Julia Day
  • Greeter: Patti Huot

January 11 How Do We Serve?

  • Coordinator: Moneca Gabriel
  • Moderator Patricia Miller
  • Meditation: Pauline Karch
  • Panel: Colin Lee & Cynthia Pattison
  • Greeter: John Vanden Heuvel

The panel will be looking to bring the energies of compassion more
deeply within community, and to discuss connecting with others in more practical
ways. Inspired by Jean Vanier’s words on “becoming human,” we do so
by accepting our own weakness through the example of the vulnerable among us.

January 18 The Serving Soul

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. M. Gandhi
I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and
behold, service was joy. Rabindranth Tagore

  • Coordinator: Peggy Muncaster
  • Moderator: D. Joan Thomas
  • Meditation: Katherine Muncaster
  • Speakers: Elaine Pace & Denise Appelmans
  • Greeter Linda Chan

January 25 Community Service- Nourishing

  • Coordinator: Don Morris
  • Moderator: Jennifer Sagar
  • Meditation: TBA
  • Speaker: Rev. Julianne Kasmer
  • Greeter: Elizabeth Morris