2016 Services


Sunday Services in December ……

Theme:   Advent and the Coming of Light

In many traditions in Christianity, advent (“coming” in Latin) marks a period of waiting and preparation for the moment when the Christ child was born. Often each of the Sundays before Christmas is marked by the lighting of an advent candle and the celebration of a particular quality or virtue—such as hope, love, faith, charity, peace and/or joy. In certain esoteric traditions, particular angels, colours or planets are associated with the sequence of Sundays and qualities. In Celtic influenced traditions, lights were placed in trees to encourage the light to return, or a yule log was burnt as a reminder that the cycle of seasons would continue. Whatever spiritual tradition speaks to us at this time of year, the message seems to be the same: whatever way we choose, we must cultivate certain positive qualities so as to create the conditions for the return of light and the birth of new consciousness. Our ancestors believed that ensuring the return of the light required work, and however much we now know scientifically about the cycle of the seasons, the need for conscious effort at this time remains a spiritual and psychic truth. Submitted by Chris Bullock, SDC.

December 4:     Faith (Belief) and Charity (Action).   (Selaphiel, Violet)

Speaker:   John Vanden Heuvel *

Moderator:   Hendrik de Pagter

Meditation:   Catherine Muncaster

Greeter:   Jennifer Sagar

Coordinator:  Jennifer Sagar 

 John Vanden Heuvel  is a member of our community (CoT, CCL) . From Spring to Autumn he returns to Nelson to tend to his orchard and gardens. He’s the founder of WWOOF Canada (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) and a former Waldorf teacher. John has travelled extensively and will share some enlightening stories with us, weaving this Sunday’s theme of ‘faith & charity’ into his talk.


December 11:   Peace

Is peace the consequence of letting things be, or does it require deliberate and hard work? This service will examine various aspects of peace.

Moderator:   Marvelous Trudeau

Meditation:   John Vanden Heuvel

Speaker:    Stephen Kinsella *

Greeter:   TBA

Coordinators:   Bill Israel and Chris Bullock

Stephen Kinsella  tries to live his truth, daily, through experiences with his divinity and through connections with those around him. Stephen is on the journey to knowing himself and others more authentically. As a stone mason, he has to be in the moment, even through dark times.


December 18:  Joy and Solstice Celebration     (Uriel, Turquoise)

Moderator:  D. Joan Thomas

Words:   Leonard Thornton and Laura Lane

Meditation:    Elsie Mary Poetry: Peggy Muncaster

Music:   Laura Lane, Marie Logan, Jennifer Sager, Linda Chan and others

Coordinators:   D.Joan Thomas and Leonard Thornton


December 25:   Community Service: A Festive Celebration     (Raphael. Magenta or Red)

Christmas day is actually on a Sunday this year. So let’s come together and celebrate this special occasion with each other. Join us in celebrating the light of hope, peace, joy, and love and the blessings of this special season. We will have a 4 potluck lunch as not everybody will have the opportunity to come for the Christmas dinner in the evening. Details will follow in the E-News.

Sunday Services in November ……



In England, November is a fiery month. There is of course, the burning of effigies of Guy Fawkes on November, but there are also traditions of burning tar barrels being carried through village streets, and, in the ancient town of Rye, a bonfire procession is capped by the burning of a ship, while celebrants dressed as Vikings, Cavaliers, Pirates, Dancing Girls and the like dance around the conflagration. November is also mainly under the astrological sign of Scorpio, and Scorpios too tend to have fiery personalities. Famous Scorpios include St Augustine (who allegedly prayed “O God, give me eternal chastity, but not yet”), the visionary Romantic poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and the defiant Protestant leader, Martin Luther. Why this association of fire with November? One explanation is that November is a dark month, when winter is drawing in, and it is necessarily to call upon the fire of passion so as not to be overwhelmed by the darkness. To this opposition of darkness and fire, we can add a second opposition, the opposition between death (separation) and sex (connection, gathering) which is another theme in the sign of Scorpio. At the heart of creativity in November is the establishment of a relationship, a pulse, between these pairs of apparent opposites. Submitted by Laurence Beal: SDC

November 6:   The Mystery of the Phoenix

Speaker: Catherine Denison

Moderator: TBA

Meditation: Pauline Karch

Greeter: Jennifer Sagar



November 13:   Fiery Celebrations

What practices can keep the fire of life alight during dark times? These practices could include everything from traditional celebrations like Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night in England to dancing the tango with passion. These practices and many more can be considered “fiery celebrations.”


Coordinator: Chris Bullock

Moderator: Chris Bullock

Meditation: Michael Heaney

Speaker: Stephen Faulkner *

Greeter: Marie Logan

Dr. Stephen Faulkner has practiced both specialised and general practice medicine. Originally born in New Zealand, he has resided for many years in Duncan, where he has been extensively involved with local First Nations and with leading men’s groups. Stephen has also a deep and abiding interest in poetry, especially the poetry of William Blake, and, every year, leads a poetry day celebrating the return of the salmon on his property just outside town.

November 20:   Kundalini – Trancending the Separation

Many thousands of years ago, it was discovered in many parts of the world that there was an intelligence energetically connected to the body that was associated with transformation of the body and spiritual awakening. This creative energy or life force came to be called kundalini. It is the creative fire of life itself that moves up the central channel of the spinal column and awakens all the energies of the chakras from the base or 1st to the crown or 7th. As it move to the 2nd, or sacral/sexual center, for example, all the energy patterns in this chakra are activated and can bring either problems and misuse of this energy physically or can be raised to the 5th or throat center and expressed in great creative genius, as with Michelangelo or Mozart. In the tantric approach to sex, the energy in this center becomes transformed from a primarily physical experience to an experience of ecstatic spiritual union indwelling divinity and become awakened human beings.

When the kundalini reaches the upper centers, like the 6th and 7th, higher mental faculties are activated and spiritual awakening begins to occur. The experience of being a primarily physical being now is transcended and one sees, knows and feels connected to True Self and, ultimately, everyone and everything else. The journey is often a long and difficult one, taking many lifetimes, as we teach ourselves about who we really are and realize our indwelling divinity and become awakened human beings.


Moderator: Cedona Holly

Meditation: Cedona Holly

Speaker: Dawn Rabey PhD RCC *

Greeter: Marie Logan

Coordinator: Leonard Thornton

Dr. Dawn Rabey is a Psychotherapist and Registered Clinical Counselor in Private Practice, and a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. She specializes in the Integration of Spiritual & Kundalini Awakenings and Higher States of Consciousness into our everyday life. Her PhD research focused on Women’s Transpersonal Experiences with the Divine Feminine, which was inspired by her own Kundalini Awakening in 2008. She sees clients locally in Victoria as well as Worldwide, supporting the transformation of our experiences with trauma, relationships, eating disorders, depression, anxiety and more.


November 27:    Community Service :  Playing the Game of Life

The Community Service on November 27th is currently being envisioned and will take the form of a panel discussion.    Stay tune for further details in the next E-News.  We will also be celebrating the start of Advent on this day with love being the  quality which we will focus on in our songs and in our candle-lighting. (The celebration of Advent will continue into December.).   Post Community Service will be a finger food potluck – Contributions to this would be much appreciated;  Linda Chan will be making a vegan, gluten-free soup for all to enjoy.

Moderator:  TBA

Lighting of Advent Candle for Love:  Laurence Beal

Meditation:  Jennifer Sagar

Panel Speakers:   John Vanden Heuvel, Troi Leonard + TBA

Greeter:  Laurence Beal

Coordinator:  Linda Chan (with the assistance of Laurence Beal)

*** Please note this service will be a departure from our usual service and will be followed by a Finger Food Potluck.


Sunday Services in October ……



This month we continue to explore the idea that harvest is not a single event but a journey with dark and light sides, and physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. If September is traditionally the month when the gathering in of harvest begins, October is the month where this gathering is completed, and thoughts turn to assessing the harvest and deciding how to store its fruits for the winter. Part of assessing the harvest, is the experience of gratitude, evident in the celebration of Thanksgiving. In Thanksgiving dark and light can mingle; we may be grateful even for the gifts our life problems give us. The coexistence of dark and light reminds us this is the month where the astrological sign of Libra is mainly dominant. Libra is the sign of balance, the quest for fairness and the importance of relationships. Libra is followed by Scorpio , and Thanksgiving is followed by Halloween, a festival celebrating the loosening the boundaries of the self, and of the division between the worlds of the living and the dead. Chris Bullock, for SDC.l

Oct 2:     Balancing Light and Dark

In our world of time and space, the fundamental duality of light and dark enables virtually all of our experience.  A simple change in the tilt of the earth’s axis relative to the sun creates tremendous changes in our experience of light and dark, heat and cold and much more. At the all-important human thought and feeling level, where our experience is essentially created, light corresponds to love and dark to fear. As we move through the seasons of earth and the seasons of our lives, our journey is primarily about balancing these two polarities, the one on the outer physical level and the other on the inner spiritual level. Our fundamental challenge on all levels from physical to spiritual is the achieving of balance in how we choose to live and recognizing that our greatest problems/challenges can also be our greatest gifts.  In doing so we can enjoy the harvest and ultimately experience the purpose of it all…to follow our bliss and enjoy ever greater happiness, freedom, peace and joy!

Moderator:  Leonard Thornton

Meditation:  Ocian Flo …crystal bowls*

Speaker:      Lorraine Jasmin

Greeter:       Peggy Muncaster

Coordinator:  Leonard Thornton

*Ocian Flo will also be playing the bowls for 10 minutes before the service starts and will be coordinating with Brian and Jennifer, as she would like accompaniment on drums.

Lorraine Jasmin has been a professional counselor for 21 years and has worked in counseling settings for over sixty years, having a life-long interest in people’s emotional well-being.  In her life and work, Lorraine values confidentiality, discretion, ethics and diplomacy.  Lorraine also enjoys sophisticated humor, although her first love has always been dogs, especially German shepherds and wolves and they genuinely return the affection given.

Oct 9:     Thanksgiving Pearls : Giving Thanks for our Problems

This day we may reflect upon our hard won realizations which set us ever more free, and give wholehearted thanks for the challenges in which the pearls of realization were formed.  Says Diana, “I’m all in. Comedy celebrates imperfection.”  Says Junie, “I’m all over it, Laurence … thanks for opportunity to share with the community

Moderator:   Diana Kuch

Meditation:  Jennifer Sagar

Speaker:  Junie Swadron

Greeter:   Laurence Beal

Coordinator:  Laurence Beal


Oct 16:    Good Communication in Relationships

October 16 lies under the sign of Libra, the sign emphasizing relationship, and this service focuses on the role of good communication as part of harvest. How can we speak and listen so that relationships can have qualities like balance, fairness and honesty?

Moderator:    Jennifer Hastie

Meditation:   Ariel Lade

Speaker:  Renee Lindstrom

Greeter:    Bill Israel

Coordinator:      Chris Bullock           


Oct 23:    Eat, Pray, Love: Stone Soup for the Soul

No matter where we are in the cycle of our life journey, we are drawing on the soul lessons we have harvested along the way.  Just as we are what we eat, we harvest insights from the choices we make of what and how to nurture our awareness of the Sacred in our lives. Like the story of Stone Soup – many people have contributed to our awakening as we have negotiated the twists and turns in the road. We may have discovered that “harvest is not a single event, but a journey with dark and light sides.” What soul lessons are we harvesting? Eat, Pray, Love will offer a personal reflection on the universal journey of harvesting the insights of our soul’s awakening –  and invite you to do the same.

Moderator:   Moneca Gabriel

Meditation:  Eleanor McKinnon

Speaker:  Joy Emmanuel

Greater:  Jennifer Sager

Coordinator:   Jennifer Sagar – assisted by D. Joan Thomas



Joy Emmanuel is a life-long spiritual seeker; a nomad from away; a lover of life, beauty, Mother Earth and the deep silence of the stars.  Coming from the far off lands of the Atlantic Coast, she appreciates that all parts of Canada have their own beauty, but it is “one coast of the other” that captures her heart. Since arriving in these lands she has been introduced to the world wide co-operative movement, had the opportunity to edit a book on co-operatives and peace, lived at an ecovillage, and worked on issues of homelessness and housing.  She is passionate about all things that contribute to a just, caring, sustainable world for all.


Oct 30:   Community Service:  Celebration of Our Human Mortality

Thanksgiving is followed by Halloween, a festival celebrating the loosening the boundaries of the self, and of the division between the worlds of the living and the dead = is what Chris Bullock wrote on the October theme for SDC.
The Community Service will include the congregation in a “celebration” of our human mortality.  A speaker will introduce the topic for small groups to explore the meaning of All Hallowed E’en (Halloween) on the eve of the Christian observance of All Saints Day.
Please note this service will be a departure from our usual service followed by a Finger Food Potluck.
Coordinated by Bill Israel – assisted by Linda Chan



Sunday Services in September….


September is traditionally the month of harvest, the gathering in of what the summer has produced.  The autumnal equinox in mid-September –when day and night are equal again—is a reminder to balance the external life of daylight with the internal life of night. However this balancing is not something that can be achieved in a single day, but rather something that may be achieved in the course of an extended and challenging journey. In other words, harvest is not a single event but a journey with dark and light sides, and physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. In many ways, September marks the beginning of a process that finds its full ripening in the month of October.


Sept 4th:   The journey without distance to a goal that has never changed

Autumn always ushers in a most beautiful time, where every leaf becomes a flower and our lives seem to bloom as if the Spring was arriving once again.  We find there is so very much to be grateful for as if the flowering of the trees reminds us of the unending rebirth we all experience with each step of our lives.  This step has been called the “the journey without distance to a goal that has never changed”

We begin this journey once again and I AM so very grateful we always do it together. Our harvest is the fruits of our lives whose seeds were planted in spring and show us more of who we really are now.

Moderator:   Marie Logan
Meditation:  Laurence Beal
Speaker:     Laurence Beal
Greeter:       Ella Brown
Coordinator:  Leonard Thornton

About Laurence Beal:  Laurence has great interest in the  individual and the group processes, developments that we humans invest in.   A bachelors degree in philosophy gave him a grounding in the history of western thought, politics and religion.  With a family steeped in many aspects of education and psychology, the years of counseling and tutoring were a natural course of action.  Active  fitness and dietary routines are also key interests.

September 11th : The Inner Harvest

We will explore the idea that harvest is not just an external phenomenon but also an internal one, and that, as the year moves towards fall, going inward and keeping a balance between inner and outer are essential for the soul’s journey.

Moderator: Chris Bullock
Meditation: Marvelous Trudeau
Speaker: Sue Clough
Greeter: TBA
Coordinator: Chris Bullock

About Sue Clough: In her previous life in Toronto, Sue was a high school and adult educator for 35 years whose area included teaching Math as well as being a Chaplain and a spiritual guide.
Her decision to uproot from the East and move to Victoria was the best decision in her early retirement. For the past 9 years, Sue enjoys being so close to the beauty in nature, loves photography, poetry, and being with friends and family. Sue continues to offer workshops and retreats on several topics relating to the human-spiritual journey.

September 18th:  Soul’s Journey

Too soon the august light fades as the sun makes an earlier and earlier exit. The Incas used beaten copper mirrors to harvest and bend light around corners and so illuminate the darkest passages leading to the centre of their sacred places. Fishermen of old used to trap the moon in their nets and so seduce the fish to follow. We too could bend our inner light around the dark passages of the heart, allow the seduction of our senses, let go and believe in spirit’s journey and the sweet harvest of the soul.

Moderator: Marvelous Trudeau
Meditation: Brian Martin
Speaker: Bill Israel
Greeter:  Linda Chan and D Joan Thomas
Coordinator: D Joan Thomas

September 25th Community service: Celebration of the Equinox

Members of the Women’s Circle will facilitate a celebration of the Equinox. Expect a creative and participatory event! Details currently TBA.

Following our Community Service will be a Finger Food Potluck Lunch.

Sunday Services in August….


The main astrological sign for August is Leo the lion, who is associated with the sun. August is the month the sun’s power is most present, and most hoped for by the farmers who wish to bring in their grain in a dry condition. The sun symbolizes the power of light and directness, just as Leo personalities are known for speaking their minds, and it thus becomes also a symbol for full expression. This is the month when it’s time to be who you are and express that in the external world, and this expression should convey the gifts of harvest to you and the world. Behind the joy of expression and harvest is also a little melancholy. August will not last forever, the summer will not last forever, and extroversion will eventually be followed by introversion. – Chris Bullock

Pursuant to what Chris has proposed for August re the Sun in Leo, I would like to add that since 2016 is the year of self-mastery, we deal with this theme in terms of the following: week one could be physical self-mastery; followed by emotional mastery, mental mastery and spiritual self-mastery.  Leo represents the self’s ability to aggressively pursue and get what it wants, to be seen, known and to shine in the world, very outgoing, but August ends in the last week with Virgo, a much more humble expression, devoted to service.  They are not incompatible, but represent our desire and need to express ourselves in the world on all levels, in a positive yet balanced way, develop a strong positive ego and use that to serve others and the world– -true self-mastery,  me thinks..

When I think of the sun, as a meta-physician and Light Worker, I think of its spiritual nature and the god and goddess of the Sun, Helios and Vesta, whom I connect with daily.  The sun, we know, is not just a flaming hot series of hydrogen explosions going off constantly; it is actually a Cosmic Being in service to the life of our solar system and beyond..  Around the sun, radiating out for millions of miles exists what is called the electronic belt, within which are numerous temples of light, governed by the Great Solar Lords and used by great masters and angels to beam frequencies of light and energy throughout the system.  For example, there are gigantic healing temples, music temples, temples of all the Great Rays like the golden Temple of Illumination, the Rose Temple of love, the Violet Temple of freedom, etc., etc.

We as human beings are receiving these energies, to the degree that we are open and allow,  and expressing them in our own way on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  On the physical level we receive, for example, the warmth and vitality of the sun which sustains all physical life and provides life sustenance for millions of species. It is said there are 33 types of prana that are beamed at different times during the day.  On the emotional level we receive the feeling energies of warmth, love and harmony.  On the mental level we receive illumination, understanding and knowledge and on the spiritual, we receive the fiery energies of spirit which give us the will and energy to express our true natures.  Many types of energy are beamed through the temples and, during sleep we may actually go to these temples for instruction, healing, etc. I also understand that Aug. 8th is the Lion’s gate opening to the star Sirius, creating the 888 portal (numerological year is 8+ 8th mo and day), which bring in a major influx of harmonic energies.  Sirius had a strong connection to Isis for the ancient Egyptians, as well as the Aztecs.  In the Christian tradition the 888 has a strong connection to the Christ, baptism, resurrection and redemption. So there it is; a powerful solar power month indeed.  More power to each of you in all your endeavors, esp. for our services


Theme: Solar Power through You

August 7:   From Sport: Ego vs. Egotism, Egocentrism

From tracks of symbol use in the past, representations of the sun have been used to refer to the egoic monad of the individual. In old Greece, Hercules was a solar hero. In these hot summer months, sport heroes are born out of the competitive arenas, each having the challenge of maintaining balance with new scopes of social interchange, hero worship. What balance can be found in such heat? What is identity, what is character, what is personality, what is social integrity?

Moderator: Don Morris
Meditation: Linda Chan
Speaker: Laurence Beal
Greeter:  TBA
Coordinator:  Laurence Beal

August 14

Moderator:  D. Joan Thomas
Meditation:  Norm Smookler with various flutes
Speaker:  Maria Escude
Greeter:  TBA
Coordinator: D. Joan Thomas

About Maria Escude:   A singer, composer, and long-time member of CoT, Maria was a  member of our first choir and later choir director.  She was also a writer of the early history of the Church, Producer with DJoan of A Night in Spain in 1993 with comedy routines involving members – Marie Logan, Bob Winkenhower, Brian Martin and a host of others no longer with us.  She also collaborated with DJoan on providing CoT services for a period of five years with a wide range of speakers, including Rev. Greg Skala, Rev. Joan Hopper and the Rev. Gordon Thurston as well as speakers from other faiths and ideologies.  The success of those services enabled the CoT to remain in situ and membership rose from less than a dozen to a healthy number.

August 21:  Solar Power and the Mind

This week we will focus on the power of the sun as it manifests on the mental plane and influences our minds, individually and collectively.  Clearly the sun is a great physical center of light and power;  it is also a powerful luminary on the mental plane.  Mighty Helios, the God of the Sun and the great solar lords, radiate great waves of illumination and wisdom through great temples in the electronic belt (spiritual aura) around the sun, which extends for many millions of miles into space.  Light strikes our retinas and has many physical effects in the body; light also floods our mental bodies and all our chakras with many different frequencies of prana at different times during the day which effect each of us in different ways, depending on our openness and receptivity. As our minds expand and grow, we receive greater and grater mental light, illumination, understanding and wisdom, which need to blend with the love-wisdom and knowing of the heart, governed by the Goddess of the Sun, Vesta. This week, let us endeavor to be truly open-minded so that we may receive more of the brilliance of our spiritual Sun and become even more shining bright, illumined and free!

Moderator: Jack Hyatt
Meditation: Leonard Thornton
Speaker: Peter Tongue
Greeter: Joanna Wilkinson
Coordinator:  Leonard Thornton

About Peter Tongue: Having spent thirty years in two top ranking Independent schools in Canada and the UK, Peter uses his wealth of experience to gain a profound understanding of the complexities of the human condition. For the last ten years, Peter has been engaged in counseling individuals and groups in resolving their difficulties in life as well as assisting them in awakening to their own spiritual path. His heart-centered understanding of science and spirituality offer a vital and powerful pathway to successful living in this chaotic and confusing time. For five years, Peter hosted a weekly radio show, “Awakening to Conscious Co-Creation”, on the 7th Wave Network of Voice America. He interviewed experts in their respective fields within the central theme of understanding higher consciousness. For the last two years, Peter has been helping people gain an understanding of the Gene Keys process through one on one counseling sessions and group workshops and this morning will provide us with an insight into this fascinating transmission providing us with a profound opportunity to reveal our inherent genius and deepest potential-to fulfill our life’s purpose!

August 28:  Community Service: “Father Sun: The Father Experience”

Members of the Men’s Circle will offer all those present an opportunity to go deeper into the father experience, in whatever way it has been present in their lives. Expect a creative and participatory event!  Details currently TBA.

Sunday Services in July….

Most of July is ruled by the water sign, Cancer, the crab whose planet is the changeable moon, and this month we explore the significance of water. Throughout the world, there is an
increasing concern with water, as climate change brings dangerously drier conditions to many parts of our planet. Internally, water is often taken to symbolize the feeling function of the
psyche, the workings of the heart. Since feelings, like the moon, are changeable, respect for feelings involves respect for change and mortality. And like water itself, feelings are not much
respected in a world where the mind and the market are dominant. To explore the significance of water, services this month will focus on its physical, emotional, spiritual and social dimensions. Water has a physical being, and a deep connection with human emotional life. Spiritually, water can be seen as a being with its own sacred personhood, and this respect needs also to be translated into social action on its behalf, raising a question that belongs to July, considered astrologically: how do we integrate idealistic vision with concrete action? — Submitted by Chris Bullock on behalf of SDC

July 3: Water: the physical dimension.

Moderator: Troi Leonard
Meditation: Pauline Karch
Speaker: Laurence Beal
Greeter: Daniel Ouimet
Coordinator: Jennifer Sagar

July 10: Water: the emotional dimension

Moderator: Marie Logan
Meditation:  Laura Lane
Speaker:  Sanjara Omoniyi
Greeter:  Joyanna Wilkinson
Coordinator: Leonard Thornton

This Sunday we explore the relationships between human emotions and water.  Since our bodies are composed of around 70% water and water receives, stores and transmits information, especially emotions, the way we deal with emotions not only affects the flow of energy through the chakras and meridians, but also the body fluids like blood and lymph.  We use the expressions, blocked emotions, repressed or denied emotions and frozen emotions to describe how we deal or don’t deal with emotional energies.  Just like stagnant water can create grounds for disease, emotional issues can create dis-ease in the body and interfere with our ability to express and communicate. This week we will focus on developing a healthy emotional life and allow the waters of life to flow in through and around us and let ourselvesgrow into ever-expanding life expression!

July 17: Water: the spiritual dimension.

Moderator:  Linda Chan
Meditation: Marilyn Smando
Speaker: Marilyn Smando
Greeter:  Laurence Beal
Coordinator: Laurence Beal

Marilyn has been meditating with the Wed night “Meditation Circle” at the COT. With a personal spiritual experience with water and some insights with that and other collected thoughts on
this watery view, Marilyn may bring us to new insights for ourselves.

July 24: Water: social issues.

Moderator: Hendrik de Pagter
Meditation: Jennifer Sagar
Speaker: Barbara Mitchell Pollock
Greeter: Elsie Mary Poliquin
Coordinator: Chris Bullock

About the Speaker: Barbara Mitchell Pollock has been a social activist since participating in street theatre against the Viet Nam War.  She has been a board member with the Victoria
Chapter of the Council of Canadians since her arrival 10 years ago, and is committed to working towards having safe, clean drinking water for all people, and having water protected and not

July 31 Water: Community Service (Please note different format)

Moderator: Pat Miller
Meditation Circle with Water Theme – Coordinated by Pat Miller and Laurence Beal plus members of the Oneness Wednesdays “Meditation Circle”
Offerings by Community Members including Laurie Beal, Troi Leonard,  Louise Taylor, Brian Martin, Marilyn Smando, Elsie Mary Poliquin and Linda Chan
Greeter: Jessica
Coordinator: Linda Chan

At this Community Service, members of the Oneness Wednesday Meditation Circle share and open up our Meditation Experiences in relation to the theme of the month. Following our Community Service there will be a finger food potluck with our soup prepared by Troi Leonard.

Sunday Services in June….


Hurray! Summer is here. Colours are brilliantly drawing us into our sunlit celebration. As the summer rainbow of color shows us pathways of potential growth and development, we may be reminded of our spiritual paths. Corresponding to the array of approaches and lessons to be worked on, we have, in the West, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and this is a reflection of a more ancient ayurvedic system in India outlining the same general hierarchy in the chakras and their psychological characteristics.

We’ll be growing from the bottom up, first chakra, then… erps! Since there’s only four weeks and a ripping seven chakras, we had to pare it down to four presentations.

Submitted by Laurence Beal, SDC

June 5     Red

  • Coordinator:   D. Joan Thomas
  • Moderator:   Laura Lane
  • Meditation:   Sharon Shroeder
  • Speaker:   Laurence Beal
  • Greeter:   TBA

First chakra – Red is the energy of vitality and the earthy, biological foundation of life. A drumbeat introduction to silent meditation will be followed with Laurence giving a short introduction to chakra system of understanding self in spirit terms. Then a bit more on the first chakra most relative to grounding and the personal reality check.

June 12    Yellow

  • Coordinator:   Jennifer Sagar
  • Moderator:   Linda Chan
  • Meditation:   Katherine Muncaster
  • Speaker:   Brian Martin
  • Greeter:   Jennifer Sagar

Third Chakra – Yellow is the color of sunshine and it is the core of your being.   The energy of yellow is vibrant, optimist and full of energy. It is the colour of youth, new beginnings, birth and re-birth.  At the same time, yellow is wise and knowledgeable.  The spiritual aspects of yellow energy is instinctual knowing and growing into spirit. The developmental task of the solar plexus chakra is autonomy and the development of self.  However, on the spiritual level, we must always remember who we truly are and not get lost in the “self” identification.  Strong third chakra reflects the ability to move forward in life with confidence and power. It reflects the ability to make conscious choices to choose and to act.   The message of the third chakra is: You have the power to choose.*

*Source of chakra description for yellow:  http://www.chakra-anatomy.com/solar-plexus-chakra-colors.html

June 19     Green

  • Coordinator:  Leonard Thornton
  • Moderator:   Cedona Holly
  • Meditation:   Leonard Thornton
  • Speaker:  Soren Russow
  • Greeter:   Marie Logan

Fourth Chakra – Green  is the energy of balance, harmony and growth, as that energy expresses through the heart center, with growth and transformation through love in a balanced, harmonious way.  Perhaps emerald green is the vibration that best embodies this energy. Sunday, June 19th is Father’s Day and two days prior to Summer solstice on the 21st.

Speaker Bio:  Soren Russow is a loving husband and father of 3 girls; aged 10, 8, and 6. Being a resident of Victoria for 28 years, he spends his summer month’s pedicabbing tourists around this wonderful city. Also he owns a Videography business and loves to capture events and tell life stories through video production. In addition, he excels at sports such as beach volleyball, tennis and cycling. Just prior to the birth of his first child 10 years ago, he was diagnosed with a heart condition called Atrial Fibrillation. Since then he has made it his goal to alleviate the symptoms through proper nutrition, heart-centered meditation, exercise and laughter yoga. Being a father of 3, his improved connection to the heart has become essential to his family’s well-being.

June 26   Purple  – Community Service –  ** Please note different format

  • Coordinator:   Linda Chan
  • Moderator:   Sanjara Omoniyi
  • Purple ceremony:  Troi Leonard with members of Community Committee plus Brian Martin and Louise Taylor
  • Greeters:  Members of the Community Committee

Please wear something purple and bring something to share with others for our Finger Food Potluck Lunch post Community Service

Seventh chakra – Purple relates to imagination and spirituality; Imagination is sparked and high ideals are inspired. Spiritually, it is soul transforming , allowing us to expand our awareness and connect to higher consciousness.

** On June 26 we will try out a different format for our Community Services with the Community Committee taking the lead in co-creating this service. Attendees are invited to wear something purple to this service and bring something to share with others for our Finger Food Potluck Lunch post community service. In this community services, we will experience purple in a ceremony and in a variety of ways via aromatherapy, toning, music, meditation, poem, chant or song. Purple is the energy of transcendent states, bliss, beyond separation as being itself.

Following our Community Service will be a Finger Food Potluck Lunch.


Sunday Services in May….


The month of May is connected to the element of fire, the fiery red leaves of new growth on the bushes, the fires of Beltane, the ancient Celtic May festival, the images of fire associated with the month’s main astrological sign, Taurus, the bull.  We can understand fire as symbolizing the way that, with the arrival of May, spring starts to acquire more power and fullness. And so the fiery month of May invites us to consider what qualities of power we can co-create with nature. May Day is a day celebrating labor, and the understanding of labour is a good place to start the process of understanding true power. Another good beginning place is the understanding of nurture, the care we need at the beginning of life, and the care we hope to give later on.  As the process of gaining power continues, we need to understand the value of perseverance, the ability to stick with the process that is unfolding through its ups and downs. And we also need to recognize that power is co-created with nature and spirit; our ego is always tempted to exercise power over others and the world we live in. Once we are able to follow the path of true power, recognizing its sources in nature and spirit, celebration becomes possible for us. — Submitted by Chris Bullock, on behalf of the SDC           

May 1    Labor of Love                 

  • Coordinator:    Troi Leonard
  • Moderator:  Hendrik de Pagter
  • Meditation:  Troi Leonard
  • Speaker:   Brian Martin
  • Greeter:  Don Morris

Speaker Bio:  Brian Martin is a long term active member of our community and is the current President of the C of T, Community of Conscious Living Board of Directors.


May 8    Nurture – Mother’s Day at The Church of Truth

  • Coordinator:  Don Morris
  • Moderator:  Pat Miller
  • Meditation:  Katherine Muncaster
  • Speaker:  Panel Discussion
  • Speakers:  Sanjara Omoniyi, Peggy Muncaster, and Marie Logan
  • Music:  D. Joan, Laura and a special piano performance by Brother Joseph Martin
  • Greeter:  Linda Chan

D. Joan will take on a creative role in our honoring of mothers in a personal and interactive way.

Panelists will address ‘nurturing at the beginning of life and continuing throughout.’

Bio for Special Piano Performer:   Joseph Martin is a composer, artist, writer, psychotherapist and real estate agent living in Victoria.


May 15     Perseverance

  • Coordinator:    Bill Israel
  • Moderator:  Laurence Beal
  • Meditation:  Marvelous Trudeau
  • Speaker:   Bill Israel
  • Greater:  Michelle Pedersen

Topic of Bill Israel’s talks will be on the Spiritual Creativity of J Fenwick Lansdowne (1937 to 2008) – J Fenwick Lansdowne was one of Canada’s most famous and revered wildlife artist.

Speaker Bio:  Bill Israel is the SDC Liaison on the C of T, Community of Conscious Living Board of Directors and a Certified Facilitator of the INTENSIVE JOURNAL program.

May 22    Co-creation:   How to Activate Your Super Conscious Mind

  • Coordinator:    Marvelous Trudeau
  • Moderator:      Marie Logan
  • Speaker:          Marvelous Trudeau
  • Greeter:           Linda Chan

Speaker Bio:  Marvelous Trudeau was born in Chilliwack and now lives in Victoria.  She has one daughter, Michelle Pedersen, who also resides in Victoria. She was employed at the Cariboo Friendship Society in Williams Lake as an alcohol and drug counselor and is the author of Spirit Knows, a spiritual solution to panic disorder and addiction.  Her passions and hobbies include stand-up comedy and ventriloquism with Sid the gorilla.  See web page.  Marveloustrudeau.com

May 29     Celebration (Community Service)

  • Coordinator:    Jack Hyatt
  • Moderator:    TBA
  • Meditator:    Laura Lane
  • Greeter:   Joyanna Wilkinson


The beginning of May indicates a time of co-creation in support of the ‘Transformative Power” of Mother Nature herself. We are bidden to both, look into the future with clear  insight, as well as, apply a concerted effort in achieving our desired goals.

As the power of the Sun increasingly infuses all forms of life, we must gather our “internal fires,” and with passionate zeal strive to fulfill our part of the bargain, by activating our Wills and become the “Labor of Love” required, towards externalizing our creative gifts and goals.

Two symbols stand out for meditative reflection, the “Maypole Dance” indicating a multicolored turning wheel…the spiral of life, and the “Taurean Bull,” transmuting lower desires (red) towards an enlightened mind and purpose (Gold)


Sunday Services in April …….


Spring has come! We are witnessing one of the greatest mysteries of Nature, the cyclic renewal of LIFE on Earth. This occurrence is celebrated by all beings striving to emerge from the darkness of winter.  The ‘plant people’ bless us with their mantle of green and the hope of things to come. Behind it all lies God’s grace with the increasing power of the Sun and its rays, blessing us with the light, warmth and vital energy we require for regeneration and rebirth as our Souls call us to awaken and joyfully celebrate the union of Spirit and Matter. Submitted by Troi Leonard SDC

April 3  The Struggle of Emergence

  • Coordinator:  Jack Hyatt
  • Moderator:  Chris Bullock
  • Meditator:  Serguei Martynov
  • Speaker:  Jack Hyatt
  • Greeter:  TBA

April 10  Opening Into Life

  • Coordinator:  Chris Bullock
  • Moderator:  Brian Martin
  • Meditator:  Chris Bullock
  • Speaker:  Valerie
  • Greeter:  Elsie Mary Poliquin

April 17  Blossoming

  • Coordinator:  Troi Leonard
  • Moderator:  D. Joan Thomas
  • Meditator:  Cedona Holly
  • Speaker:  Jennifer Sagar
  • Greeter:  Paul Monfette

April  24  Dance and Play – Community Service

  • Coordinator:  Marvelous Trudeau
  • Moderator:  Lorna Rennie
  • Meditator:  Brian Martin
  • Greeter:  TBA

Speaker’s Bio

April 3  Jack Hyatt grew up in and around the vicinity of Calgary, Alberta, the eldest of three children. He followed his father’s footsteps into the electrical trade and became a journeyman, working in the construction industry, both in Alberta and across the country.

In 1970 he entered the University of Calgary and four years later emerged with a B.Ed, specializing in social studies and psychology. Married with two children, he taught at the high school level with the Calgary Board of Education until his retirement in 1997.

In 2002 Jack moved to Vancouver Island, lured by the climate and lifestyle of the West Coast. Here he received training in two areas of passion in his life, counselling and energy healing, both of which he now practices through local social service agencies on a volunteer basis. He has also had a life-long interest in para-psychology, the para-normal, spiritual influences, and the relationship of the Divine Spirit to Humanity.

April 10  Valerie grew up in Vancouver, and moved to Toronto in the early 80s, where she worked as a legal assistant at a large law firm.  She returned to the left coast in 2011, eventually settling in James Bay.  Valerie will share with us today how she rekindles and celebrates joy in times of darkness.

April 17  As the alchemical fires of Mother Nature stimulate all to emerge and express, we are awed by the panorama unfolding before our very eyes and ears.  A profusion of sounds, colors, and fragrance inundate our senses… we are touched by God’s love and beauty. Our and passion are stirred to gratitude and celebration, as we open our Hearts to romance, poetry, song, and dance. We are invigorated energetically in seeking, exploring, traveling and healing ourselves, caring for each other, and the earth, our sacred home.


Sunday Services in March …….

Theme: Spring Winds of Change

In older times, March was the first month farmers started to think about sowing seed, though the actual sowing was more likely to be in April. March was traditionally the month of strong winds, and a good wind, not too strong, would be welcome, for it would help dry out the soil and allow the seed eventually to be broadcast in the traditional manner.

At the end of March comes the Equinox, the first day of Spring, and Easter. During this month we might consider what winds of change there are in our lives, and how we might respond to them.

The first stage of responding might be cleaning and clearing out, both the clearing out we choose and the way the winds of Spirit urge us to let go of the old. After cleaning and clearing, we need some attunement to what Spirit is indicating as the way forward, and then we can create a space that will allow the new to enter, and our new intentions to be realized. Then comes prayer and invocation as we follow the path that the winds of change and the guidance of Spirit have brought us to.

Submitted by Chris Bullock, SDC

March 6   Spring Cleaning

  • Coordinator: Jack Hyatt
  • Moderator: Bob Winkenhower
  • Meditator: Jennifer Sagar
  • Speaker: Eric Watchorn
  • Greeter: Elsie Poliquin

March 13  Tuning In To Spirit

  • Coordinator: Chris Bullock
  • Moderator: Chris Bullock
  • Meditator: Serguei Martynov
  • Speaker: John Flowers
  • Greeter: TBA

March 20  Creating Intentional Space 

  • Coordinator: Troi Leonard
  • Moderator: Hendrik DePagter
  • Meditator: Troi Leonard
  • Speakers: Panel Discussion: Don Morris,Shelley Cardinal & Daniel Ouimet
    Each of these individuals have been on the spiritual path a lifetime and have their own unique sharing on creating intentional space.
  • Greeter: Ella Brown

March 27  Prayer and Invocation: Community Service

  • Coordinator:  Bill Israel
  • Moderator: Bill Israel
  • Meditator: Colin Lee
  • Greeter: TBA

Speakers Bio:

March 6: Eric Watchorn: I was born in January of 1966, the eldest of three children, in Germany, near the border of France in Alsace-Lorraine area. I grew up as a military brat, as my father served with the Canadian Air Force, and my mother was employed by NATO. Upon finishing public school, I chose to move to Canada to begin university and create a life here.

Married 18 years, I am the proud father of a fantastic 15 year-old daughter. My work life began when I was employed by the University of Victoria in the Scholarship Division. I gradually drifted into the institutional trading field, beginning with the Toronto Trading Floor, then on to the NYSE and NASDAQ, and ending with the management of trading floors in Canada and Vietnam. I sold my interests in 2011 and since then have helped many individuals, businesses, and companies fine-tune their investments and estates.

March 13:  John Flowers is retired from various public service Ministries and Departments.  “We currently have residences in both Sooke, and near Cranbrook, BC, as my wife Sally and I equally enjoy the ocean and the mountains.

“I have been on a spiritual journey for sometime. I am a Knight of the Adivajra Shambhasalem Ashram of Wasa, BC which is dedicated to the common message in all theological traditions.  Most recently I have been interested in the teachings of J. Krishnamurti

“Meditation is my preferred vehicle to tap out of the duality of daily life. I am currently a volunteer with the BC Museum of Aviation as a tour guide and also do historical research.  I am an avid hiker and enjoy the outdoors with a particular affinity for high alpine meadows. I also enjoy writing and public speaking as well.”

March 20: According to certain laws inherent in Nature, we as co-creators with God are reminded to clear and purify a space before it is used for spiritual endeavour.  All magical work, (the Soul being the ‘true Magician,’) not only requires a clean and ordered body/space in readiness for prayer and invocation yet a mind free from mental clutter and a well-balanced emotional state, one at peace with itself.  Important to remember… in the case of those in ‘dire need,’ earnest intention/prayer from the Heart often suffices in being granted a truly needed wish. – Troi Leonard

March 27: Bill Israel is a member of the Church of Truth, Community of Conscious Living. He is a former United Methodist Church (USA) pastor, a skilled facilitator and Certified Consultant of the Intensive Journal program in B.C. Bill will provide a very brief introduction to the topic of Prayer and Invocation and then pose a simple, relevant topic for small group discussion.


Sunday Services in February …….

Theme: How About Love?

Starting the month off we’ll head in the general direction of love being a zone of investment. With key points of interest in this spiritual aspect of life, loving, and expressions of love can be tuned to orchestrate with ever greater groupings of people, two, or ever more.  Even the creative and poetic language we use in interpersonal exchanges offers opportunities for the listener to explore subtlety and beauty.  As obvious needs are met in a loving community, what moments of realization become available in the everyday enlightening moments of ‘getting it’?  We all keep ‘getting it’ – love and enlightenments all lifelong.

Submitted by Laurence Beal, SDC

February 7  Loving

  • Coordinator: Marvelous Trudeau
  • Moderator:Paul Monfette
  • Meditation:Laura Lane
  • Speaker:Calder Brown
  • Greeter:TBA

February 14  Expressing Love

  • Coordinator: Bill Israel
  • Moderator:Lorna Rennie
  • Speaker: Esther Hart
  • Meditator: Sanjara Ominiyi
  • Greeter: Cedona Holly & Bill Israel

February 21  Love is a Poem

  • Coordinator: Jack Hyatt
  • Moderator: Peggy Muncaster
  • Meditation: Ella Brown
  • Speaker: Moneca Gabriel
  • Greeter: Marie Logan.

February 28  Community Service – Topic: Love: How Does It Show?

  • Coordinator: Laurence Beal
  • Moderator:Laurence Beal
  • Meditation:Musical meditation from Hildegard von Bingen/Sibyl of the Rhine
  • Community Topic – Everyday enlightening Ah-ha moments

Speaker’s Bio:

February 7        Calder Brown is an enthusiastic, energized, free spirit. At 23, he is a proud student of the University of Victoria in his final year of mathematics.  His passion and pursuits are always changing and diversifying, from playing guitar, to painting, fitness, reading, writing, he meets life with ambitious curiosity, and consciousness.  In 2015 Calder discovered his most recent passion for public speaking. Although new to it he has competed and won Toastmaster speech contests in club, division, and area level. This February he plans to bring to you the same level of preparation, presentation, and energy!

February 14      Esther Hart has been an actively involved member of the Church of Truth – Community of Conscious Living for more than 15 years. She has served on the Board in many capacities. She recently experienced an epiphany regarding how she expresses her love for the church. She will share her story.

February 21      Moneca Gabriel has been a teacher for 48 years including a Teacher-trainer for over 4 years at the Shanzu Teacher Training College in Mombasa Kenya. What remained with her is how keen, appreciative and caring they are. Entrance requirement to be a teacher in 2 years was about a Grade seven. They LOVED students, washed their white uniforms in river water and stones, used rolled up plastic bags for soccer balls, made bean bags, used sisal for skipping rope, limestone chalk on a make shift ‘black’ board etc.

Moneca is a LIFE coach, a workshop leader and an avid business woman. She is passionate about Landmark education worldwide; having poverty be history, an alternative health care expert and has ‘adopted’ a second Kenyan who will be given a scholarship for at least 4 years of secondary school..

She has 2 sons, a daughter and 4 grandchildren.


Sunday Services in January …….



The New Year is a time of new beginnings.  New Year resolutions are a personal form of new beginnings, but there is also the call of Spirit to support the child, the image of the new, the green and growing part of ourselves and of our world. How do we support new beginnings? In older times, the New Year was associated with cleansing the house or farm, pushing the dirt and bad luck out of one door so good luck could come in the other. It was also a time of celebrating the hoped for continuing fruitfulness of nature; the custom of wassailing (celebrating) apple trees is one example. (Interestingly, this custom has been revived in Victoria at the Sea Cider farm.)  In this month, it is time to identify the new beginnings Spirit is calling for, what we need to let go of (cleanse) to support the green and growing part of the world and ourselves, and what actions we need to take to make continuing fruitfulness possible. These questions can be asked on a personal level, but are also questions relevant to the world we live in.

Submitted by Chris Bullock


January 3         LETTING GO

  • Coordinator: Jack Hyatt
  • Moderator: Hendrik De Pagter
  • Meditation: Serguei Martynov.
  • Speaker: Daniel Ouimet

January 10       PURIFICATION

  • Coordinator:  Don Morris
  • Moderator: Cynthia Pattison
  • Meditation:  Bob Winkenhower
  • Speaker: Lynn Gordon
  • Greeter: Don Morris

January 17     INCLUSION

  • Coordinator: Bill Israel
  • Moderator: Lawrence Beal
  • Meditation: TBA
  • Speaker: Victoria Pruden

January 24     CELEBRATION:   A Celebration Service

Instead of a talk, the topic of celebration will be explored and expressed through the performance of songs, and possibly readings, with the theme of new beginnings, leaving the old behind.

  • Presentation: Music and Song Coordinator Ariel Lade
  • Coordinator: Chris Bullock
  • Moderator: Ella Brown
  • Meditation: John Vanden Heuvel.
  • Greeter: Marie Logan

January 31:   OPENNESS Community Service

  • Coordinator: Marvelous Trudeau
  • Moderator: Leonard Thornton
  • Meditation: Marvelous Trudeau
  • Greeter: TBA

Speaker’s Bio:

January 3 – Timber Wolf, also known as Daniel Ouimet, was born in Val David, Quebec, nestled in the Laurentians. His parents both had a long lineage on the land on which he was raised. His Father, Roger Ouimet, was the 5th generation of Ouimets to liven in Val David, having originally come from France. His mom, Noella, was Anishnabe and French. Her French family originally came to Canada in the 1600’s and were in relationship with the Anishnabe for a few generations. Daniel’s parents met and married in Val David. The families on both sides were Catholic, as was Daniel growing up. Daniels first years of schooling were from the Nuns of St. Ann’s.

Daniel carries many gifts from both sides, all infused with imagination and creativity. His work has become a combination of two strong cultures connecting. On his father’s side he is a 3rd generation carpenter/craftsman specializing in furniture design and restoration. On his mother’s side he has been blessed with an artist’s soul. Artistic intuition is one of the greatest gifts his mother passed on to him. She was an Anishnabe artist, who wrote poetry, painted, and drew on any available surface.

Today, Timber Wolf lives a life filled with love and gratitude. He has many questions about his Anishnabe heritage that are beginning to be answered. He has a beautiful daughter, Mareena who is 25 and lives in Alberta. Timber Wolf lives in Fernwood with his new partners in crime, Shelley and Maaji.

January 10 – Lynn has worked as a sales trainer and motivational speaker alongside his more than 40 years study of body-mind-medicine. A student and teacher of Tai Chi… perfection of which remains as elusive as ever.  By default therefore, he subscribes to the notion of ‘beginners’ mind’.  Presently he is a student at Pacific Rim College of Oriental Medicine in Victoria.

January 17 – Victoria is the Executive Director of Bridges: Bridges for Women Society. Bridges is a gutsy, innovative community agency. Their employment training and supportive programs inspire women impacted by violence or abuse, to reclaim their lives and build economic stability.