Transcription of Community Service Portion of Easter Sunday Service

Our Oneness Wednesdays this month have engaged us in a very dynamic, positive and energetic conversation about “Who We Are” as the Church of Truth, Community of Conscious Living.    One of the reasons why I read poetry while I’m up here because I not only enjoy poetry but I find its form helps us put disparate (dissimilar)  things together that don’t look like they belong and turn them into something that is better than what the two parts we  started with.  I have been reading   “The Life of Poetry” by Muriel B. Kaiser.  In this book she  describes how poetry actually helps us understand the function of science; what she meant by that is oft time we think of the job of  science is to explain to us the nature of things.  She says it’s not true and even the scientists will tell you that it isn’t true.  The job of science is to explain the RELATIONSHIP of things. Science uses metaphor to describe what is happening in the real world. As it turns out in our Oneness Wednesdays, we began to discover some disparities  in our community.  Being a member of the SDC, I have been struck by the number of time that people said they had no idea of what this group was up to from Sunday to Sunday. They say “we can’t figure out what these services are about, they don’t seem to relate to the title” of the service. So we (the SDC) laughed. Then we had some feedback about the name of the church- we don’t understand it , this that …and we had some other minor disparities. But in our conversation what we discovered, much like science, is that our job is not to define the nature of our spirituality;  it’s to define the relationship of our spirituality.  So in our last couple of sessions of Oneness Wednesdays, we had some marvelous exchanges – simply beginning to speak from the heart about what this community means to me (personally) and what I expect from it in order to enrich my relationship with it and with the other people here.

So let us take the balance of this morning, about 10 or 12 minutes, in groups of 4 and I am going to ask you to speak in your small group:  “This is what this community means to me….. “and I would like to enrich my relationship with this community by….”  So you’re asked to do two things… We’re asking you to take only a minute or two each so that nobody talks too long.  In this session everyone gets a chance to speak and then we will close.  There is paper in your bulletins this morning.  Before you leave today’s service, after you exit that conversation, if you have things that you want to say to the SDC or the Board, whoever in this church, that would enrich your experience in our  community, I would invite you to do that and hand it to someone like Linda Chan.

Sharing in Small Group Conversations:
Group #1:
What does this community mean to me….

* a place to celebrate – a sanctuary soul-spirit
* freedom
* express spirituality – a learning experience
* all that’s said – appreciate exploring and expressing – a place to share and be nurtured

What can be added in order to deepen my relationship to this community……
* I’m satisfied – It’s happening
* Ditto
* I would like to see a name change for the community for the purpose of greater understanding with
others (including ourselves).  Conscious Living is something that I would aspire to and this is something
that is much needed in this day and age.
*  No needs
* A deepening of love and integration – receiving and giving; passion to express

Group #2:
What does this community mean to me….

* A place of sanctuary from the world
* A place to explore and be in spiritual energy and refresh my essence as part of creator
– Supportive environment provides for creative expression

How can I  deepen my relationship to this community……
* co-create study circles to go more deeply into established and spiritual paths and my own path.
(including on Sunday Services)
* provide the opportunity to be more involved in this community.

Group #3:
What does this community mean to me….
*  feels like family
* more fun
*  expressing…. creativity

How can my relationship to this community be deepened ……
*  more speakers of our community — more panels
*  hosting other spiritual leaders
*  don’t give speakers a topic — Allow the magic to happen

Group #4:
How can my relationship to this community be deepened ….

*  we need a mechanism for information on our attendees’ interests to get to the SDC
*  three in the group felt more silence during the service would be beneficial and two wanted to see
more dance and movement